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Temperature in the child's room

To date, there are methods used to correct climate throughout the house, in the children's room in particular: from the simplest methods to radical ones.

Constructive temperature changes in the children's room

As doctors consider the optimal temperature in the children's room, it is considered 18-22aboutC. Temperatures not included in this framework need to be corrected, since the health of the child is adversely affected.

To provide the child with a comfortableExistence, radical climate changes are needed in the children's room and in the house. These changes include the installation of an air conditioner, as well as the adjustment of the heating system.

Installing an air conditioner is especially necessary if the hot sunny weather persists for a long time in your area. As you know, the southern sun causes trouble for adults and children alike.

Choose an air conditioner should be taken seriously,Considering the options that are most suitable for living quarters. It is better to contact experienced engineers who will advise which model is best to choose and where to install the air conditioner better.

With small dimensions of the apartment you canConsider the options when the air conditioning system can be installed in the next room, and not in the nursery itself, so several rooms will be cooled at once. In addition, this scheme of installation will save the newborn from getting a jet of cold air. To keep the air in the children's room sufficiently to keep her door open.

When using air conditioners, mostMake a mistake - forget to air the apartment, believing that the air conditioning system supplies clean, fresh air. However, the air conditioning system, on the other hand, takes the air in the air, cools it and gives it back a certain set temperature.

The heating system can lead to a strongHeat, it is possible to cope with this problem by adjusting the heating batteries. In winter, in the event of heat in the apartment, it was possible to lower the temperature to normal limits, it is recommended that cranes be installed on the heating batteries. If you close the tap in the children's room in time, you can avoid the sweat.

Methods for measuring temperature in the children's room

Airing the room is, perhaps, the mostA simple method by which the temperature in the room can be reduced. In addition, it is often said that it is necessary to temper children from birth. Mum is advised to maintain the temperature in the room about 18-19about, Make a draft and are not afraid at the same time. This is correct and attractive, but not all mothers can decide on such unconventional methods of education.

Children's room is recommended to air a dayA few times, but better and faster it is possible only with the help of a draft. If the mother does not decide to ventilate the room, when there is a child, then you can go for a walk or go to another room for the time of airing. If the temperature of the air in the children's room falls below 18 degrees, then it should be "warmed up." Warm up the air in the room with electric heaters. But remember that electric heaters drastically dry the air, so do not abuse this heating.

Airing the room is necessary every day, even if the children's room is cold, and even more so if the heater is turned on.

Thus, the most favorable temperature regime in a child's room should be in the range of 18about Up to 22about. Low temperatures provoke catarrhal diseases, high temperatures on the skin of the child cause diaper rash.

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