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Physical culture in the kindergarten

Physical activity in kindergartensHelp children to raise their mood and vitality. All entertainment for preschoolers is aimed at not only educating them, but also giving a certain self-confidence and the opportunity to show different talents. If you conduct physical education correctly, you can teach children mutual support and the basic principles of cooperation. In addition, there are completely different children in the kindergarten. Collective active entertainment helps more reserved and quiet children to reveal themselves and join the collective. In order to properly conduct physical education games in the garden, you need to know which games and exercises are suitable for preschoolers. It should also be remembered that active studies in kindergarten should take less time than at school, because at this age babies are not yet ready for prolonged physical exertion.

Sports games and entertainment

So, what can you offer to the kids in the form ofSports entertainment? First of all, remember about different kinds of games. The smallest ones can be taken out on foot. Well, if there is a small forest near the kindergarten in the city or a park. Walking on nature will help not only to improve the physical condition of children, but also introduce them to new types of flowers and plants. If you talk about the guys from the older group, they can be offered all favorite sports games, such as volleyball, football, basketball.

It must always be remembered that in kindergartenKids only positively perceive those activities that are related to the game. Therefore, all sports exercises offered by the educator should be backed up by artistic action.


By the way, in kindergartens it is useful to lead"Funny starts" in which you can combine theatrical show with sports games. Very well, when in physical culture entertainments not only children participate, but also their parents. Looking at their strong and agile moms and dads, the guys will also want to become like that and will try to achieve better results. But still, always make sure that the focus is on the kids. Children really need to get awards and praise for their victories. Therefore, if you spend in the kindergarten "Merry Starts", make sure that the prizes are not only winners, but also losers. After all, they also tried, taking part in the sporting event. So they need to be rewarded for this.

Now in many preschool and schoolInstitutions began to conduct real theatrical physical culture activities. This implies the existence of a real plot, a story in which various competitions are skilfully intertwined. Therefore, if you want to conduct such a sporting action, it is necessary to optimally balance the number of competitive competitions with the performances of small artists. You can come up with a general story and break it into thematic parts, depending on what kind of competition is offered to children. And before each competition to tell a part of the story, which will lead to a certain physical recreation.

During physical entertainment needTo accompany all games with positive and cheerful music that children like. Among the entertainment can be even dancing, if they include elements of a sporty style. Thus, you will not only help children become stronger and healthy, but also teach them other useful things.

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