/ Is it possible to breastfeed at a temperature?

Is it possible to breastfeed at a temperature?

Revealing the cause of fever in a nursing mother

A serious cause for concern isA temperature that arises in a lactating woman. But in most cases this is not reflected in the baby. But one way or another, the reason for the appearance of heat is of great importance. Quite often, the temperature rises several degrees without any particular reason, due to increased nervousness, against ovulation, etc. With this option, feeding the baby does not make sense. But at a temperature that has arisen with such diseases as: otitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, it is necessary to take strong antibiotics. Antibiotics get along with milk and the baby, so feeding is contraindicated in such cases. But with the easy stages of such diseases, your doctor, given your position, may prescribe sparing drugs that can be combined with breastfeeding.

When the temperature rises in ARVI, it is possible to be treatedVarious sparing medicines, and also use treatment at home with various decoctions, rinses, inhalations, warming, etc. In such cases, you can breast-feed your baby. If the fever has arisen because of the abscess in the chest, the cessation of feeding is not recommended, because you can feed your baby with a healthy breast.

Categorically contraindicated feeding the child,If the temperature has arisen because of diseases of the liver, kidneys, lungs, cardiovascular system. A consultation is required, both with the therapist and with the pediatrician.

Also important is how much theMother's temperature. Breastfeed can be breastfed if the temperature does not exceed 38 degrees. With a strong heat, the taste characteristics of breast milk change. In such cases, the temperature must be knocked down, but you can not take analgin aspirin. It is recommended in such cases to take medications that contain paracetamol, but the dose should be prescribed by the doctor.

Why is it not recommended to wean the baby from the breast

With the termination of natural breastfeedingEmptying temperature can increase in the mother even higher. Also, when breastfeeding is suspended, lactostasis may occur, and this condition of the mother will only worsen.

At elevated temperature, continuing feedingBreast, mother through breast milk provides her child with protection from a viral pathogen. The maternal organism produces antibodies that are directed against the virus. These antibodies with the mother's milk enter the child's body. When depriving a child of such immune support, the risk of his disease increases, as he will have to fight the virus alone, because a mother can infect his child.

Also, if the mother stops feeding, she will have toSelf-express milk several times a day, and at a temperature it is very difficult. If you do not express milk, it can lead to the appearance of mastitis in women.

If the mother's temperature is not too high,If there are no special diseases that can not be fed, then the child should be fed, the milk of its qualities does not change. Many mothers often resort to such a method as boiling of breast milk. Know that boiling mother's milk is not desirable, since it loses its useful properties, their bulk is destroyed by boiling. The protective qualities of mother's milk are simply destroyed.

We conclude that breastfeeding withIt is not recommended to stop the temperature of the mother, unless, of course, there are special reasons. It is also not recommended to suspend feeding for a while. This is because after a short break the crumb can simply give up breast milk, which happens quite often. Therefore, breastfeeding at a temperature that arises not because of serious diseases, is not just possible, but it is also necessary, but do not forget about the gauze bandage.

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