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Formation of classes

That's why it is worthwhile to talk about whatCan give a private school, unlike the state. In fact, the general public and private schools are very diverse. And the start is, perhaps, with the formation of the class. As we know, in a regular school children are distributed depending on the place of residence. Of course, you can go to a school that is not in your area, but here you have to face such difficulties as a competition and much more. In addition, the general public school forms classes in which more than thirty children can study. What is the minus of such large classes? Of course, the answer is obvious: the children do not pay the necessary attention. However, there is nothing surprising in this, because the teacher is physically unable to work with thirty children in one lesson. Private school, unlike the state, never forms such large classes. In private schools in one class can be trained ten to fifteen people. Thus, the teacher has the opportunity to interview every child and determine who has talent for a particular subject, and with whom it is necessary to work additionally. Also, in private schools, teachers can deal with children almost individually.

Teaching Staff

Do not forget about the teaching staff. Unfortunately, it's no secret that there is a small salary in public schools. Therefore, not all teachers are ready to give 100% and carry the necessary knowledge to children. Many teachers go to school to receive their salaries and do not really care about the children getting the necessary knowledge. In private schools, everything is quite different. First, during the procedure for admission of the teacher, the administration of the private school carefully acquaints with his resume and merits. There are times when teachers have to undergo certain tests to show their level of knowledge. Therefore, giving the child to a private school, parents can be absolutely sure that their children will get qualified teachers who are ready to work so that the children can learn the necessary amount of knowledge. In addition, in private schools a decent salary and teachers simply do not have a reason to work not at full strength.

Development of children

It should be noted that in private schoolsAttention is paid to the development of children's talents. In such educational institutions there are many groups where children can sign up for additional classes. Thus, in addition to studying compulsory subjects, they also can do their favorite things and develop their skills.

When entering a private school, the child receivesThe opportunity to study in an institution where the latest equipment and technologies are available to him. Unfortunately, not every public school can boast of this. In a private school, children will work on powerful computers, engage in modern sports halls and never think about the fact that in winter you can freeze in class.

Of course, a private school impliesA certain payment for education. Each school has its own prices and payment methods. You can pay for semester for a semester, just for a year. All conditions of training and payment are stipulated in the contract, which parents sign before the child enters a private school.

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