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Starch in baby food

Starch in baby food

Starch is perfectly digested by the baby's stomach andImproves its work. Starch in the stomach creates a film, protects against the action of aggressive acids, which are contained in acidic fruits. It is well tolerated by newborns, many European mothers start to give fruit purees with starch already from 4 months. Rice starch has no smell and taste, does not affect the taste of this product. In each jar, starch is present in a minimum amount of up to 6%. The package of baby food should be marked "BIO". This icon is a guarantee that the food is made without GMOs, dyes, nitrates and pesticides and other harmful substances.

Trust or not trust starch, the choice is for the parents. Choose the products of such manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market. Then only useful and fresh products will fall on the table.

Corn or rice starch is also present in baby food.

Benefits of starch

Starch is the right product.

  • Upon cleavage, the starch is converted into glucose.
  • Its presence in some types of fruit and vegetable purees insures the child from the weakening effect.
  • Many manufacturers are making great efforts,To balance the aggressive and beneficial effects of fruits that contain acids. Then use not acidic varieties of fruit, and starch neutralizes acids.

In conclusion, we add that in children's food, starch is needed for better digestibility of vegetables and fruits and protects the child's stomach from aggressive acids.

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