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Rules of conduct with strangers for children

Communication with strangers only with senior

So, initially it is necessary to explain to the child thatYou can talk only with the people they were introduced to by their father or mother. If on the street the child begins to communicate with unfamiliar men or women, then such communication should be strictly controlled by the elders. Explain to the kid that he can talk to unfamiliar uncles or aunts only when there is a mother, father, elder sister, brother, one of the relatives or some adult person whom the child is well acquainted with, and, correspondingly, his parents. Otherwise, it is forbidden to speak with strangers.

Tales about a trip to the parents

Explaining the rules of behavior is also necessaryTo focus the attention of the baby on that in no event it is impossible to go with people whom he does not know and even more so to sit down in their car. Often, in similar situations for children, a bike is prepared that parents sent for them. Explain to your child that you and your dad will always warn him if you want to send someone. Therefore, when an uncle or aunt says that they are taking them to their parents, they should not believe in any way, otherwise disaster will happen.

Do not believe in the bounty of strangers

Even in the rules of behavior that youTell your child, there should be a clause that you can not trust people who are promised to buy something. Try to explain logically to the kid that unfamiliar uncles and aunts just will not give anything. So you do not need to believe them. If a child is offered to go with someone to buy something, let him answer that he does not need anything, and mom and dad will buy everything. Even if a stranger offers something that a child dreams about, he should not believe. Of course, it's difficult to convey to young children, but you have to convince him that only Santa Claus and parents and relatives are cherished desires, and not strangers on the street.

Many children trust women more thanMen, especially if these women are pleasant and smiling. In your rules of conduct, emphasis must be placed on these ladies. Explain to the child that even if the aunt is kind and smiling, she does not need to go with her anywhere. After all, if she is kind, she will understand that you simply do not want to go with her.

Who to contact for help

If the child starts to take something away by force,He must shout and call for help. Explain to the kid that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Let him call those who are nearby. If he can escape, then immediately you need to run to the men in uniform. Explain to the child that his uncle, a policeman, can protect him. In addition, in this case, you can be almost hundred percent sure that your baby will really intervene. By the way, it can be not only a policeman, but also a security guard or a fireman. The main thing is that it's a person in uniform. Let the child always remember this. If there is not a single male in the form, then explain to the child that he should seek help from another aunt. Well, if it's a woman with a child. In this case, there is more confidence that the lady will not ignore his request.

And one more tip that can be included in theRules of conduct when a similar situation occurs. If your child has a mobile phone, then let him immediately call you and tell you where he is, what's wrong with him. In this case, most likely, a person who wants to harm your child will feel fear of being discovered and left. Remember that such interest in children is manifested by deeply complexed and mentally unhealthy people who are afraid of society and increased attention.

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