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The child is afraid of other children

The fact is that in small age children have moreThere is no sufficiently developed system of values. Therefore, when a child begins to communicate with peers, he believes that everyone will love him, but at the same time he rarely thinks about his own behavior. When you notice that the child is afraid of other children, it means that they offended him, and now he does not know how to act. Accordingly, he does not manage to solve problems correctly, because with him this has not happened before, he is frightened by the unknown.

How to overcome fear?

In order to combat childish fear,Parents should understand that this is not a trifle and not stupidity. At this age, babies are extremely sensitive. The attitude of other people is very important for them at this age. Therefore, if you can not cope with the fear of communication with the child, then he can grow up unsociable and insecure. Judge for yourself, because for a baby a blow from another child or taking the toy away is a real shock, because he is completely unused to that in the family. Therefore, in the first place, parents should show the kid that he has nothing to fear, because you can always help him. But here it is immediately worth noting: never start to solve conflicts instead of a child. If you constantly go to the parents of other children and complain, the kid will never learn to deal with his problems on his own. Even when he grows up, his mind will already have a clearly formed feeling of being unfit for solving any conflicts. Therefore, you must show the child the options for solving the problem, but you can take direct participation in this parent only as a last resort.

For example, if your child has anotherThe kid wants to take the toy without demand, ask him: "Did you ask permission?" In this case, the children either leave or start talking to your child. Of course, the second option is much better, as the dialogue begins between the children. By the way, if your child refuses to give a toy, you do not need to put pressure on him. He has every right to both resolve and not allow. This should be understood by you and other children. However, one can ask why he does not want to give a toy and depending on his answers, to convince him to play other children or to agree with the opinion of his child. Remember that defending your interests and being greedy is a completely different thing.

Feeling of support from parents

When a child is small, he must alwaysFeel support from the parents. Especially, when other children try to beat him. By the way, many people ask about whether the child should be taught to "give change". In fact, this question can not be answered unambiguously, because if a child is weaker than his opponent, he will eventually be a loser. But on the other hand, it is also impossible to remain silent and not resist. Therefore, when the child is still very young (less than three years old), after seeing that they beat him, the parents should immediately stop the fight and tell the other children that this can not be done. When children grow older, you can give them to various sports sections. This is especially true of boys. In this case, the child will always be able to stand up for himself. However, parents must show him that before the assault can be reached only as a last resort. Let your son or daughter know that most often, conflicts can be solved constructively, with the help of words, humor of irony and sarcasm. Well, while the child is small, just show him that you are always on his side, support and understand, so there is nothing to be afraid of. If he feels confident that his parents will always be able to help him, he will grow up without complexes and feelings of inferiority.

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