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The child is afraid to lag one at home

Reasons why a child is afraid to stay alone

Experts argue that often a factorThe development of this type of childish fears is the parents themselves. For example, parents watch movies, news or programs that tell of murders, robberies, bandits and monsters who make their way to houses and attack people. And all this can be seen by children. Often in a conversation with other adults, parents can discuss some unpleasant events, for example, as someone bites a dog, a thief climbed into someone else's house and at the same time not noticing that a child who is even busy with his own affairs, all this hears. Hence the children and fear arises that if they stay at home alone, something necessarily will happen to them that is bad.

According to children's psychologists, the basis of fearA child to stay at home alone lies his low self-esteem. When parents are near, the child feels more secure and more secure. The closeness of parents for him is the best hiding place, than even the most solid door with a lot of locks. The rupture of such parental protection causes anxiety, insecurity and loneliness in the child. The kid begins to think that he does not need his parents and that he can be thrown at any moment. And if the child is too developed fantasy, then this fear can be particularly difficult.

Such childish fears are widely reflected in children'sFolklore. There are many terrible stories that are transmitted orally from generation to generation. Particularly popular is the history data acquired from children 7-12 years of age. What is surprising is that it is in this, already an adult age, that the fear of staying home at home occurs most often.

How to cope with a child's fear of being alone

Fears in children can be very persistent, butCorrect tactics and patience of parents will help to quickly achieve the desired result. To begin with, parents should behave consistently. In no case should you scold a child, accuse him of cowardice and set conditions. The main condition for an effective fight against child fear is a loving family, that is, not a minute a child should not feel that they do not like him.

Also psychologists give parents the following advice:

  • Before leaving, the baby shouldTell where you are going to go, why and when you will return. However, it is absolutely necessary to mention the possible delay and set the time for a call to a mobile or home phone. Remember that children closely follow the time.
  • If you decide to go somewhere, do not tell the child that you can change your mind. This hope can aggravate the fear of the baby. Therefore, one should be affectionate, but firm in decision and behavior.
  • It is forbidden to force a child in your absencego to sleep. It is better to include a children's film or a cartoon film, leave a book or an interesting lesson. This will help him to escape his fear and the time of your absence will fly faster for him.
  • It is strictly forbidden to shame and ridicule a child - this can increase his fear and lead to the development of other psychological problems.
  • Do not say or show concern about thisProblem with relatives and friends in the presence of the child. Children are often emotional and sensitive, such conversations can lead to the child deciding that he is seriously ill.
  • Returning home, bring the baby some small treat or gift. Such a pleasant "event" will help the child understand that they do not forget about him.
  • Parents should never indulge children's fears.
  • Do not allow children to watch movies with scenes of violence, broadcasts about accidents and accidents, play cruel computer games. An emotional child tends to try on similar situations for his family.
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