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Fairy tale therapy for difficult children

The concept of fairy tale therapy

First, it is worth noting that skazkoteyapiya closelyIs associated with art therapy, just art therapy is used in lighter cases. Children are given the opportunity to paint what they feel and imagine in order to fight against complexes and fears. However, when children are constantly getting the same aggressive pictures, then in the course and goes skazkoterapiya. It is especially often used for difficult children in orphanages. Often there are cases that with the help of this method they cure diseases that incompetent doctors consider dibilism.

So, what is a fairy tale therapy forDifficult child? The child is given his drawing and is asked to tell about what is happening in this figure. Children need to go deeper into history, explain everything that is depicted, and most importantly, why everything is drawn in this way. One of the main tasks of a psychologist is to show that he really is interested in what the child is saying. If this does not happen, then the children begin to creep in on doubts that someone needs their stories and they become even more self-conscious.

How fairy -therapy works

Why should a child tell thatHappens in his drawing? In fact, everything is very simple. When he speaks, everything that seemed terrible and hopeless to him, gradually begins to change, grow in details, which become more positive and positive. As a result, he comes up with a good ending and his fear begins to disappear.

A clear example of howWorks skazkoterapiya. One child drew trees that burn. In one tree there was a hollow, from which animals jumped, falling into a fire. But when he began to invent a fairy tale further, then in his story appeared butterflies, who were able to put out wings a fire with their wings. Thus, the baby got rid of the fear of fire.

Fairy tale therapy originates fromGestalt therapy. The basic law of this method is that you can overcome fear if you complete the action. What does it mean? A person becomes frightened of anything and begins to see it more hyperbolized. Accordingly, each time approaching that frightens him, he simply tries to avoid the situation, frightened more and more. But during skazkoterapii child passes this most terrible place and realizes that after it the reality is no longer terrible. The main thing is that the psychologist can conduct it through fear, support, but at the same time do not give the opportunity to escape again from a situation that is so frightening.

All children love to tell stories. And everyone consciously or subconsciously wants everything to end well. This is the basis for the method of skazko-therapy. The child, having told his own fear, with the support of a psychologist, tries to come up with a happy ending for history and when this happens, fear is eradicated. Therefore, working with difficult children, the psychologist should give them the task of portraying what scares them, for example, catastrophes. After the drawing is completed, it is necessary to ask the child to tell a fairy tale about what happened in the picture. If the psychologist works with a group of children, then he must work out a fairy tale with each member of the group individually. Do not put pressure on children and come up with a happy ending instead of them. However, you can ask suggestive questions like: "What else could happen?", "And why did it happen that way?", "Can anything change the situation?". It is necessary to remember that the psychologist helps the child to cope, but does not fight with fear instead of him.

Tale therapy is a method aimed at working through fears. After the child can let go of something that does not give him peace, he can continue to live peacefully.

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