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How to entertain children at a birthday party

To entertain little fidgets, you can useTricks. Do, for example, the thematic Birthday, and the theme will be magic and tricks. Let each guest come with a deliberately prepared focus (arrange with the parents, let them help the young wizard prepare), arrange competitions, whose focus will be better. Decorate the walls with foil stars and pretty bats, turn on Harry Potter's DVD, and let him be dressed as a real magician.

Focuses conveniently displayed in dimly litIndoors. Be sure to take care of the attributes of the presentation: a dark screen, a magic wand, shawls, stands. To create a mysterious atmosphere, cover the table lamp with a colored handkerchief.

Magic Broom Focus

Sew one end of a thin black thread to the clothes,And at the other end make a loop. Demonstrate to the young spectators a broom (at the worst, let it be a broom), let it be convinced that it is the most that is ordinary, then uttering various invented incantations, imperceptibly put a loop on the broom handle and here the broom, without falling, froze in the air. Children are delighted, the magic is done.


The spirit of competition is also inherent in children, soTo help find a solution in the question of how to entertain children at a birthday, competitions will help you. Do not forget to prepare prizes for the winners. Consolation prizes are also mandatory - there should not be losers on the birthday party.

Competition "Princess on the pea"

For the competition you will need highchairs, denseopaque scarves and walnuts. Arrange in a row for each participant on the chair. So that girls do not see, put on each seat nuts (1 to 3), cover with kerchiefs. Further participants, each sitting on his chair, must guess how many nuts under it lie. Answered correctly, proclaimed princess and rewarded.

Competition "Knight and Fool"

For the contest you will need a toy sword(preferably wooden or plastic) and a stopwatch (you can watch with a dial). Each participant takes turns in the middle, takes up the sword and holds it in a horizontal position, while the rest of the children try to make him laugh, curling and making funny faces. The boy who lasts the longest laughing, but does not lower his sword - wins.

Competition with a gift

To a horizontally tied ropehang on a thread wrapped in foil or paper small gifts ("kinder" - ideally suited). We tie the children's eyes with a handkerchief and let everyone take a prize in turn.

Necessarily, on a children's birthday, quietGames should alternate with moving ones. Before inviting children to a festive table, it is best to entertain them with moderate quiet games, for it will be hard to put children in a bad mood and put everyone at the table and monitor everything. At best, you are threatened with cups and glasses knocked over the tablecloth.

All sorts of ways how to entertain children on the DayBirth is very much, the main thing is to connect fantasy and desire. Hide and Seek (if your apartment allows), play a blind cat, contests for the best rhyme (song, drawing), show-off (crocodile), whoever squeezes orange juice into the glass, hide the toy in the apartment, and whoever finds it will get it For a present.

In trying to entertain children, do not forget about the measuresprecautions, the fewer children by age, the more responsibility it is to approach the planning of a holiday. Games should be held under the constant supervision of adults.

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