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Features of fitness with children

Such fitness promotes health promotion andPsychophysical development, induces motor activity, develops coordination and fine motor skills. In addition, they bring up in the child the ability to act independently, to correlate their movements with the surrounding world, including with the actions of other children, orient themselves in space.

How are such lessons built?

The first thing you should pay attention to is,That there are certain features of fitness with children. So, in time, such lessons are not more than half an hour. On the organizational side, such lessons are built like the others: they have a warm-up, a major part and a hitch. Also there is always a greeting and a farewell. It differs from such lessons - filling.

There are some points that are necessaryAccount for any such lesson. First, you need to constantly change the type of activity and position of the body. Well, if the change is made every three minutes. This must be done because babies can not concentrate for a long time on any one subject or pose, they quickly become tired and generally stop doing something.

The second point is repetition. Young children need a comfortable and predictable environment, they are happy when they can understand in advance what will happen next. It is also necessary in order to improve the level of the game, because in time children begin to play independently and learn that in the same game you can play in different ways and that you can complicate the rules. If the child knows the task or the game well, then he will be able to look at how other children do it - this is already a matter of socialization.

Why do we need fitness classes with children?

At children in small age the basicActivity is objective, because it is through the objects that the child learns the world. By doing actions with objects, the kid discovers various physical properties, for example, color, shape, spatial features, etc.

The child learns to use these subjects, i.e. He begins to understand their purpose. Such mastery of objective actions promotes the development of various mental processes in the baby, including memory, perception, imagination and thinking. During the lessons, bright equipment is used, and tasks are performed with objects that are designed to increase interest.

What is required of parents during classes?

At this age the child has a very strongEmotional attachment to parents and especially to mother. He needs stroking, touching, which means that communication with an adult is a partnership.

This type of communication promotes rapidEmotional development, because children try to imitate adults and this imitation is clearly expressed. Adult in the eyes of the child is a source of positive impressions and emotions. Positive emotional background promotes the formation of interest in classes and causes the joy of performing various exercises.

A feature of the fitness with the kids is also the fact that the parent is not just present - he does not less than the child.

The parent at the classes performs two roles at once. The first role is that the parent is a partner. This is necessary in order to create and maintain the motivation of the baby for classes. The adult must complete all the games and exercises with the child. Performing such elements as running, walking, jumping, exercises with various subjects, acrobatic exercises, dance movements, etc.

The second role - the parent becomes a coach. The main task in this role is to ensure the safety of the child, increase efficiency and individualize the approach. The parent can insure the child and help carry out certain exercises, explain some mistakes or correct the actions, the parent helps with the homework, and also provides psychological support.

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