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The most fun summer entertainment for the kindergarten


Entertainment that can be arranged for children in kindergarten
Other summer entertainment for children

Entertainment that can be arranged for children in kindergarten

In summer, children in kindergarten have the opportunityGet a lot of interesting and new experiences. At this time they are not loaded with educational activities and can devote more time to various games, excursions, sports events, etc. How to spend time with the children depends largely on the tutor, as well as on the suggestions of the parents. One of the most favorite entertainment in hot weather for children is playing with water. Not all kindergartens have small pools in the territory. But this is not a problem, as water can be poured into basins, baths and bring to the playground. A great pleasure such entertainment is delivered to children. They splash in the water with their hands, squirt, while happily "laughing" and "squealing." Also in hot weather, you can arrange pouring water on children. Such a tempering procedure in the fresh air will not only appeal to the kids, but is also good for health.

Summer entertainment in a kindergarten on the street

A good educator seeks every day forToddlers make bright. During this period of the year, children can be taken to various walks around the territory of the kindergarten. Various excursions to the museum, to the cinema, to the theater are organized, games are organized in parks, on special playgrounds, etc. Such events help the children develop their horizons and contribute to the accumulation of knowledge. It is rather interesting after listening to one of these excursions to listen to their opinion. You can also visit the zoo group, which gives an opportunity to see different new animals, visit the botanical garden, etc.

In some kindergartens, workers break a smallA vegetable garden, where children, with their own hands under the guidance of adults, plant vegetables and flowers. These kids really like it, they not only rejoice that they plant seeds in the ground, but afterwards they get a lot of pleasures when the seed rises, then the fruits appear or the flowers bloom. This causes children a sense of pride, they happily boast of their achievements with their parents.

Other summer entertainment for children

The energy of children spills out in differentMobile games. Arrange children to play with the ball. For example, football, "beat out", volleyball; For younger children - throwing the ball in a circle. On the playground it is much more convenient to play "spots", "hide and seek", "the sea worries once" and other games. It is possible to organize various sports relay races using sports equipment. Also, summer is the most suitable period for conducting games that teach children the rules of the road. In this case, you can use bicycles in the role of transport.

Summer entertainment for children in the dhow

Any kindergarten has a plot of greenPlantations on its territory or near it. It is possible for the educator to conduct several classes on environmental education. On illustrative examples the child will know what is called this or that plant (trees, flowers, shrubs). You can hold a lesson on the manufacture of crafts made of natural materials.

In kindergarten in the summer, kids like to mess around atSandbox, building "sandbags," the older guys gladly build from the sand various collective structures, while they can easily be distracted from such activities. Also interesting for children are classes like drawings with colored crayons on the asphalt. You can organize various outdoor competitions in the summer. For example, a summer holiday, a birthday party, a fairy tale holiday, etc. It is good, if such competitions are held with parents, when using costumes and prizes.

Summer activities in the kindergarten are prettyVarious. With the proper organization of leisure your baby does not get bored. It is good, when the teacher closely communicates with parents, there is an opportunity together to organize a lot of events. Many note that the appetite after the summer walks in children increases and sleep becomes stronger.

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