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Graduation in kindergarten

Organization of graduation holidays in kindergarten

Graduation holidays, as a rule,Are organized by parents together with teachers. Most of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parent committee, team leaders, music teachers. It is these people who jointly think through the script and the official part of the graduation in the kindergarten.

Such holidays include original designThe assembly hall (decorations with balloons, children's hand-made articles). By the way, it is not recommended to overload a hall with decorations, they should be solemn and bright.

You can come up with the script yourself or contactHelp in a special agency for organizing holidays. It is very important that the official part of the graduation in the kindergarten last for more than an hour and a half, in case of a long "celebration", the children may get tired and begin to be capricious. Such holidays can include children's songs, poems and fairy-tale performances. The rooms can be used by both children and adults. Let each kid say a few words on this memorable day.

Do not forget about children's creativity - you can arrange an exhibition timed for the children's drawings, applications, handicrafts.

At the end of the gala evening kids needTo give gifts. These gifts should not only be useful, but also beautiful. Remember, the child will soon go to school, so why not give him, for example, a set of office supplies, books, knapsacks.

Gifts should be received not only by children, but also by those,Who during this time was next to them - teachers, nannies, cooks and art directors. This should be taken care of in advance. You can collect collectively money and give a kindergarten, for example, furniture for a playing corner.

After the solemn part you can arrange a sweet table. Culinary duties should be divided between parents, you can order a special cake. This menu needs to be discussed by the parent meeting.

Do not forget about the beautiful photos for which you can invite a professional photographer. You can order a special holiday album.

Graduation and their conduct: the script

Best if the graduation in kindergartenWill take place in the form of a morning performance. To begin this matinee and end is with the song, then each child can show what he learned during his stay in preschool. It can be a competitive program involving children's drawings, etc. Also do not forget about solo music rooms with the participation of kids, who can be charged with poems or miniature skits.

The hall is best decorated using a composition ofBalloons and flowers. The photo exhibition about the life of the kindergarten will be original. Also use children's crafts that were made during the entire training.

Entrust your kid himself to make an invitation to his first-ever graduation, with the help of this invitation, he can invite someone whom he himself wishes to see at the celebration.

At the graduation party, you can invite a fairy-tale character or entrust his role to one of the parents. This hero can give the kids gifts and please them with contests and games.

Do not forget about the words of gratitude fromThe parents. Such words, as a rule, are pronounced at the very end, after a children's concert. After these words, congratulate the teaching staff, handing flowers and gifts.

Sweet table can also include children's competitions in a game form with incentive prizes in the form of sweets or special, pre-prepared diplomas.

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