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How to choose a school backpack

Consequences of incorrect portfolio selection

Wearing a heavy portfolio entailsSerious consequences in the form of curvature of the spine and in the form of osteochondrosis later. The fact is that when wearing a weight on the back, the child leans forward, trying to keep the balance. At the same time, the back is bending back and stretching the neck, which is completely unnatural for the human body. In addition, an incorrect position of the body and a curved spine lead to malfunction or insufficient internal work of the internal organs. As you know, there are a lot of points on the spine that are responsible for the good work of this or that organ, so the spine should be protected.

Choose a portfolio

So, how to choose a school backpack, then not to pay for negligence?

Now the market is full of ordinary backpacks,Soft and shaped like a bag. Such a categorically do not fit the student. Especially if the backpack is made for wearing on one shoulder. The version of the Soviet-era portfolio is ideal for proper posture. Remember, this is so hard, with two straps?

The size of the satchel should be such that it almost completely covers the back, that is, from the neck to the waist. On the width it should not be wider than the shoulders of the child.

The straps should be wide, not less than 5 cm,Necessarily sewn, not glued. In addition, they must be regulated. The straps must necessarily be clogged with a double layer of soft material, so as not to crash into the shoulders.

The school backpack should be outside made ofNylon fabric, quite strong, so as not to tear under the weight of the load, and also heavily soiled that it can easily be cleaned. You understand, children are children and they will either shed something or mud themselves.

Take the briefcase in hand and evaluate its weight. An empty knapsack should weigh no more than 0,5-0,8 kg. The recommended weight of the portfolio with textbooks should not exceed 10% of the child's weight. Otherwise, the child will be very tired and suffer pain in the back. So for:

Class 1-2 weight of the knapsack should be 1.5 kg,

3-4 cl. - 2.5 kg,

5-6 cells. - 3 kg,

7-8 cells. - 3.5 kg,

9-12 cells. - 4 kg.

Particular attention should be paid to the back of the backpack. Excellent, when it is not written "Orthopedic". In general, the portfolio should have a strong bottom and a fairly rigid back that fixes the spine. The stiffness, as well as the upholstery of the backrest, should be such that the load of the knapsack does not press against the student's back. In addition, the backrest must be a soft pad made of mesh fabric, which prevents misting the back.

You know that children are often distracted, especially on the road, so it would be good to choose a backpack with special reflective elements.

Before you buy your favorite satchel,It is necessary to try it on. So you immediately see all the shortcomings of this or that model: the straps are short, the back does not fit snugly to the back, etc. Another important remark: do not buy a backpack for growth - the child will be very uncomfortable with it. Also, choose the purchase with the child so that the purchase will be to his liking.

Having bought a portfolio, it is necessary to explain to the child how to handle it properly.

  1. Wear only on the back, not on one handle or on one shoulder.
  2. Do not carry unnecessary textbooks or things.
  3. The contents of the portfolio should be rationally and evenly placed so that the weight falls on both the shoulders and the back.

Today there are only a few such right backpacks on the market, but with the right approach you will make the right choice, which will help to keep your child healthy.

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