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Should small children snore?

There are several reasons why snoring occurs in young children, we will consider each of them.

The first reason is a dream. A small child sees many new things every day, which later appear in a dream. Some children do not worry about it and sleep peacefully. And others, on the contrary, perceive everything very sensitively and spin in a dream. It used to happen that little children, after a terrible dream, stop saying certain words or can not walk on a potty. And to restore the nervous system of these children it took a lot of time. Thus, children can snore because of dreams. To cope with this kind of snoring, just touch the baby, you can pat him on the back or head. Then the child will feel that the native person is with him and protect him, the snoring can stop.

Another reason for snoring may beThroat diseases. With chronic tonsillitis or pharyngitis, also with angina, there may be shortness of breath and swallowing. Because of the pain that arises and the unpleasant sensation, children begin to snore because they begin to breathe through the nose. So they do not feel pain in the throat and continue to see dreams. If, together with snoring, there is also wheezing, then this is evidence that the cause of snoring is really a throat disease.

The third reason for snoring is the nose. If the nose is hammered, then the child is hard to breathe and therefore snoring occurs. If there is no possibility to breathe with the mouth, then the person is looking for salvation in the nose, but if the nose is hammered, the mouth is slightly opened in attempts to breathe and snoring is performed.

The next reason for snoring is tension. If during the day the child had a lot of emotional experiences and upheavals, then it is obvious that the small organism could not stand such situations and now needs rest. Snoring in this case does not carry any danger, but is a sign of a strong fatigue of the child. In this case, he needs a lot of time for rest, so that there is silence and the body calm down and relax in a calm atmosphere.

Worry for a child if he has startedSnoring, is only if it prevents the baby from breathing. The stuffy nose very often does not allow you to breathe normally and the baby starts to choke. If this happens during sleep, you should contact a pediatrician / who will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe medications if necessary.

If the child has a problem with the throat, thenTry using home recipes for treatment. One of the home treatments is gargling with soda. It is necessary to do this every morning. You can also give tea with lemon and mint. Because mint promotes good cough and sputum elimination. Melissa has a similar effect.

After some shocks and accidents, the childOften begins to restlessly sleep and sometimes snore. In order to get out of this state, the child needs maternal care and love. During the day with the child must constantly play. In the evenings, you can bathe the baby in the bathroom with the addition of lavender or chamomile. This will help to relieve nervous tension in the child, and then a calm sleep will immediately come. Before the child falls asleep, it is necessary to stay with him. In order for the child to feel the closeness of his native person, he felt his protection, and therefore he was not afraid to close his eyes.

In such periods it is necessary to give the child asYou can more useful products: vegetables and fruits. But at the same time, do not forget and indulge in sweets, as they cause the production of hormones of joy in the child - endorphins.

If the baby is healthy, then during sleep, he should not experience snoring. Do not forget to pay attention to the regime of the child's day, then there will be no problems with it.

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