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A child at the age of 1 does not speak

The first reason is speech disturbance due to somePhysiological characteristics. The child may have physical disabilities, some internal organs, their diseases, which in turn affect the child's development of speech, attention or memory.

Another reason may be a shortage ofAttention to the child of his parents. Children should constantly communicate with adults, and those who control, so that their child is constantly moving forward, gaining new experience and skills.

Lack of contact with peers can alsoCause a lag in the speech. Children should communicate with the same as they are children. In this way, the child compares himself with them, this will help the child understand some things that other children do, and he does not. A child can become more obedient if he sees an approximate child next to him.

The fourth reason for the backlog can be consideredFright, which the child experienced. It is because of him that the child can refuse to speak. Fright can be expressed in a bad dream or in something heard or seen. If a child finds a quarrel with his parents, then he can change his world view of the world, he can shut up for a long time. Punishing a child, if it was applied unfairly, can also give a boost to the child not wanting to talk.

What should parents do that the child does not speak at 1 year old?

First, the child must be shown to the childA specialist who can determine whether something is really wrong with the child. If the doctor does not find any physiological abnormalities or mental retardation, then you can safely go home and engage in a child without medical assistance.

Parents should pay attention to the second stepOn the child. At one-year age, children are active and want to be in the center of attention, they willingly take part in all external processes. They begin to touch, notice, do actions that help them explore this world. If this does not happen to the child and, on the contrary, he lies in silence and does not react to external stimuli, it is necessary to arouse his interest. If a child has a lack of toys, then very often he has speech defects or he lags behind in development. Since it is toys that are the object with which children are constantly in contact.

The next step is to installConstant contact with the child. It is necessary to constantly caress the baby, to praise him for all attempts to say something or do something. You can let a child indulge, because this is a natural process. You should not scold the child, you have to play with him, so that the child does not consider his parents enemies so that they can help him. After such actions the child will understand that in order to get in touch with his parents, he should say something. He will know that if he utters some words, parents will necessarily pay attention to him.

At the next stage of the child,Books and other developmental materials. The child should be allowed to watch television sometimes. Although many are negative about modern cartoons, that is why they do not allow watching TV. But the child can include and Soviet cartoons, which are sold in the store on DVDs. The child will listen to the words and at the same time visually perceive the actions occurring on the screen and want to repeat them.

At the last step, contact is made withPeers. The child should be allowed to see children of his or her age or older. If there are several children, they need communication, because they need to somehow explain their desires to each other. If other children will speak, then the silent child will soon want to speak, because he will not be very comfortable.

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