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Clothing and footwear for kindergarten

What clothes will the kid need in the kindergarten

You should know to all parents that for a childEqually harmful and hypothermia, and overheating. Clothes for walking on the street should be chosen by season. When choosing clothes for walking, you need to take into account the individual qualities of the baby. For example, if the child is inactive, then the extra blouse does not hurt, but if the kid is active (constantly in motion), then it is not worth it to wrap it up at all. With intensive movements, the body temperature increases, if the child is hot in clothes, then he begins to sweat, which in windy weather is undesirable and can lead to colds, and also cause rashes and irritation. Do not forget to take care when dressing the baby in the kindergarten, about the correct headgear. In hot weather, you need a summer hat or panama, in cold and windy weather, make sure that the headdress closes tightly the ears of the child, the neck should be tightly closed. Teach your child how to dress properly, so that he does not have time to sweat before going to the street. Also, take care that the gloves are not lost (it is best to sew on an elastic band).

Clothes for kindergarten, for group stayShould be comfortable for the child. She should not pinch the baby, take care that the child does not tighten or pull up certain things. Also, do not use elastic braces, sharp barrettes, etc., to avoid injury. All kinds of zippers on the pants make it difficult for the child to go to the toilet.

An important factor in choosing clothes isThe temperature that is maintained in the group. You need to dress a child based on this. Also you will need pajamas for a quiet hour. Spare panties and T-shirt, if the child is small, then you need two panties, and also you need spare pantyhose and socks. Clothing should be chosen from natural fabrics, so that the baby's body breathes. Denim things are better to replace with trousers or a dress from soft fabrics. Clothes for the child should have a pocket for a handkerchief, the elastic bands should not squeeze any parts of the body. If the group undergo physical education classes, then take care of the tights and the batnik.

Necessary shoes for kindergarten

Important is the choice of shoes for the child. For the kindergarten, you will need both shoes for the group and sports shoes. In order to choose shoes in which the baby will be in the group, you should pay attention to some factors. Firstly, shoes should be soft and comfortable (best of all, textile, leather). Ideal for this fit slippers with a fixing elastic band or with a velcro closure. In shoes, the lining should preferably be leather or textile. Synthetic materials when choosing shoes try to avoid.

Before you buy shoes, check the availabilityRough seams and unevenness - they should not be, so that your child's leg does not rub off. Pay special attention to whether the shoe has a footrest that gradually rises on the inside of the insole. The presence of an instep support in the shoe contributes to an even distribution of the load. Also, the nose of the shoe should be wide enough so that the child's fingers can move in it. Shoes should not be cramped. This not only creates discomfort, but also causes the formation of calluses, the growth of nails in the body. When the shoe is tight, the baby's blood circulation is broken when the blood vessels are squeezed. With tight shoes in cold weather, the feet freeze faster. Strongly loose shoes should also not be purchased, as it brings inconvenience, makes movement difficult. With loose shoes there are worn legs, disrupted the bearing of the child. Sandals for a garden are good, but without a fastener, which sometimes causes a child inconvenience. For exercise, you need sports shoes. To do this, choose either Czechs, or light athletic shoes with a rubber sole.

Clothing and footwear for the child should be selected fromTaking into account that without difficulty the kid could take off this or that thing independently. Clothes, as well as shoes must be signed, so that there is no confusion.

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