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Physical development of the child in 4 months

The child is gradually developing, musclesImprove, the body acquires a formed and strong appearance. These indicators - just an oriented norm, with which parents should keep under control the physical development of the baby. Individual growth rates and body weight increases for each child have long been programmed by nature.

Physical development of the child in 4 months

At the end of 4 months the child, when lying onTummy, is already quite confidently holding his head. Even if he lies on the back, he can easily lift his head to look at his feet. The kid loves to turn his head in all directions, he watches with interest your actions and for you, examines everything around.

At 4 months he is already able to turn over fromBackrests on the tummy. Baby, when lying on the tummy, keeps his body when leans on the forearms of both hands. To grab something interesting, he can already release one hand and, holding on to one handle, can hold the chest and head, reach for the toy.

He is improving the coordination of movementHandles. He raises his hands and watches them with an expedient, coordinated look. His fingers are not compressed, the handle is straightened. When a child takes a toy, he holds it and drives it in different directions and watches closely how it moves. Such an exercise gives the crumb a great joy. The most "sweet" tastes are his own fists, fingers and rattles.

During this period of his life the most beloved of his exerciseBecomes a "bicycle", when he alternately raises his legs. At times, the child extends his legs in the knees, but when his legs are in a bent state and he lies quietly. If you do gymnastics with him, you can see that if you compare the previous month, the motor activity of the legs has greatly improved in all joints.

If you put the baby on the feet, you canSee how he unbends and bends his legs. These exercises will help in strengthening the legs. It gives the kid pleasure, if you still accompany it with children's songs.

During bathing, the child wants 4 monthsSwim on the tummy. He snorts, moans, makes movements with pens and screams when he can not make these movements. In such movements, the baby manifests a desire to learn to crawl. Help the kid in his endeavors.

Some parents think that at 4 months old babyMust sit and to accelerate this process, they put the child in pillows. The child likes it, he keeps the head upright. But this can not be done:

  • The muscles of the child are not strong enough to sit in this position;
  • You can not leave your baby sitting for a long time inOne position, because the back of the child can not be in a vertical position, it arches, tires the child and promotes deformation of the spine. Do not rush events. You need to use this exercise when you are doing gymnastics with your child: for this, take him by the arms and pull him up in a sitting position, and then quietly and quietly lower it. This exercise strengthens the spine of the baby.

During gymnastics with the baby, you canHear some crackling in his knee and elbow joints. No need to worry, this is because the articular apparatus is not yet mature, it includes cartilage, tendons, bones, muscles. After a while, doing gymnastics and massage the muscles of the trunk, legs, pens, they will become stronger in the child and then these phenomena will not disturb you and your baby.

The physical development of the baby in 4 months should be under your supervision, and under the supervision of a doctor. It is necessary to perform in 4 months of exercise and all the prescriptions of a child's doctor.

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