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Baby feeding bottles

Correct Feeding Nipples

First of all, the bottle for feeding shouldComply with hygiene standards, have a certificate. The materials from which it is made are important. They must be non-toxic, withstand sterilization, do not change the shape when boiling, be without sharp corners, do not crack. Therefore, cheap bottles of unknown producers are banned!

Secondly, the shape of the nipple is very important, especially ifThe mother feeds the baby. The fact is that the principle of breast sucking and nipples are very different. The nipple of the breast grasps the baby so that it is deep in the mouth. When breastfeeding, you have to make an effort. A bottle of nipple can "mink" with one's lips, easily and quickly gorging. When using the usual oval nipple, from which the milk is poured "by the river," children often stop taking breasts. Therefore, the correct nipple should accurately repeat the shape of the breast, and have similar tactile sensations during feeding.

For the same reason it is necessary to select correctlyHoles in the nipples. Take into account the age of the child, the scheme of nutrition, whether it is on artificial, on breast or on mixed feeding. Holes in the nipples are cross-shaped and round. Nipple with a cross-shaped hole does not leak, even if you turn the bottle upside down. It's practical and convenient on the road, for a walk. Round holes, depending on the diameter, can flow relatively freely, and can drip with a few drops. The latter option is preferable, it resembles breastfeeding. The child exerts efforts, training the swallowing system and for digestion the slow intake of food is more useful.

For home, choose a bottle from the modernPlastic. She will not break, very light, her hands do not get tired at feeding. And even a kid can support it over time. The main advantages of a glass bottle are durability with accurate handling, it is easier to wash off and withstand repeated boiling.

It is better to buy baby bottles of oneManufacturer. They will have unified thread sizes and nipple diameters. No need to rack your brains when buying new nipples. It is convenient when the bottle neck is wide. They are easier to wash, pour water and fill the milk mixture. Naturally, the correct bottle should have a marking for dosage.

Special Bottles

When babies drink from ordinary baby bottles,They swallow the air. It causes bloating and colic in the abdomen. Now, they sell complicated "anti-bullet" bottles with special nipples. They prevent getting into the stomach of the air and are an excellent option for those moms who feed the kids from the bottles. True, they are more expensive and uncomfortable to wash them.

About 5 months old kids can alreadyHold the bottle. Therefore, you can buy a bottle of a special shape: curved, with handles, in the form of a bagel or narrowed in the middle. The child will easily restrain them.

For kids from 3 months are sold specialized bottles-drinkers with a spout. With their help, parents teach the child the basics of self-feeding.

The last trend is bottles, which themselves warm the milk to the ideal temperature.

How many bottles will be needed

Mothers breastfeeding enough oneSmall bottles. It may be needed for supplementary feeding in case of lactation crises, for water and liquid medications, for example, from colic. If mothers are fed breast milk, but at the same time they are expressed, one large milk bottle is enough, and one is small for water. With mixed feeding or only milk formula, it will take 3-6 bottles.

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