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How to play with a child 6 months?

How to play with a child 6 months

During this period, parents need to diversify the gameAnd classes with the baby, because now the kid learns to manage the nearby objects and control his body, at this time the child learns the world around. At this age the child does not need a lot of toys, in the course there are different things that give the kid a lot of pleasure and which are in every house.

An attractive place for a baby in the apartmentIs considered kitchen. Children really like different containers, lids, pans, so do not refuse the baby for pleasure. Give the child dishes with Khokhloma painting. It is strong, harmless and does not beat when falling. The child likes to tap a spoon on the plate, after all, so do the father and mother and send the spoon into your mouth. To get acquainted with the sizes and colors, give the baby some plastic containers and bowls. Very soon the baby will understand that a small bowl can fit in a large bowl. If you put beans or peas in a plastic bottle, you will get good maracas.

Kids adore the bathroom. Here it is possible for the child 6 months to come up with many fascinating games. Take 2 cups and show the baby that if you do holes in a stopper from a plastic bottle, you can get a comfortable watering can, take 2 cups and show the baby how the water is pouring from one cup to the other. Toys can be bought in the store, but the kids quickly lose interest in them, they are more attracted to things from the adult world. Funny rubber figures or animals will be interesting for the child when bathing, they are well glued to the wet tile.

A six-month-old baby can be played withDoll-tumbler. It will arouse the interest of the child, because she can always take the starting position and at the same time funny rings. Let the child play with a rag doll. Or to buy a ready-made doll, or you can make a doll yourself. It is good, if it is made of a fabric of different materials, so that the child can develop tactful sensations.

For a child of 6 months there is a huge number of games. A crumb can jump on your knees in time with your favorite song, or you can dance in your arms.

Sit on the floor with the baby

At this age for games need a convenient place. Let the child learn to crawl and turn over. If the kid does not want to play alone, play along with him. Keep toys in small boxes or in a basket and let them get them out of there.


Play with your baby. Sing him a song: "Ladushki, ladushki, where were, at the grandmother ...".

When the child learns to crawl, do a child on the floor of the obstacle course, in the form of several pillows of different fabric in pillow cases. Let the kid try to get over them.

Playing with the ball

Put the baby on the floor, sit next to him and start rolling the ball back and forth. During the game, sing some children's song.

Wave your baby goodbye

Every time you leave the room briefly, wave your hand at goodbye. This will prepare the child that you can stay away for a long time.

It is possible to play with a child at this age in different games and teach the baby so that he can play games with you and yourself.

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