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Safety rules during the games with sand

It should be remembered that in a sandbox a child canUndergo the risk of contracting many serious diseases. You can pick up helminth eggs - the most common infection of the child's body. Usually, playing with sand, you can catch three kinds of helminths: pinworms, roundworms and toxocars. It should be remembered that during games the child can get infection from other children with such unpleasant infections as dysentery or fungal disease (for example, ringworm).

Basic safety rules for playing with sand:

  1. Choose a place for the game. In ordinary sandboxes that are in yards or kindergartens, there is an increased risk of contracting because stray cats and dogs have access to them, people can throw cigarette butts, bottles and the like. You should not let the child play in those sandboxes in the city courtyards that are not fenced.
  2. It is safer to bring the child to the beach. On the beach from the heat and heat of sand, many larvae die, so the risk of infection of the child during the game with sand is slightly reduced.
  3. The main rule during games in the sandbox isA complete ban on any snacks in the sand. This is not hygienic, since the child's hands are dirty and can have many bacteria. Always wash your hands on the street will not work. It is necessary to watch constantly that the child does not gnaw toys in a sandbox and did not try sand. You also need to warn the child that you can not throw sand at other children, do not play with objects found in the sand. For very young children, in any case, adult supervision is necessary to avoid trouble.
  4. If there are open wounds, for safety reasons, it is better to postpone the game with sand until they are fully healed.
  5. The child can not play on cold or cheeseSand, we must not allow him to sit on him, he may have a disease of the genitourinary system. This is especially important for girls - inflammatory diseases can occur.
  6. Sand can be wetted so that it does not dustAnd did not accidentally enter the child's eye, nor did it crumble, if you need to build a castle or "bake pies". It is better to do this with water from the watering can, then the water does not splash and "porridge" does not work.
  7. At night it is better to close the sandbox with plywood or cellophane to avoid visiting uninvited guests.
  8. After walking it is necessary to wipe the face of the childNapkin, and at home wash with soap, change clothes and wash shoes. If a grain of sand gets into the eye, it must be washed with water from the outer edge of the eye to the inside. At home you can use a fresh broth of chamomile, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  9. Once a month, you need to take tests to identifyEggs helminths, it does not matter how often the child plays with sand. This will identify the infection at an early stage and cure the disease without consequences for the health of the child.
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