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How to deal with childhood obesity

The problem of obesity

Of course, not all chubby babies in the endBecome full children, and not all well-nourished children with age are obese. But the probability that the obesity that has appeared in early childhood will accompany a person all his life, still exists. Therefore, combating childhood obesity is necessary at its early stage, because because of the fullness of the child there are many problems. In addition to the fact that obesity can increase, it can cause child hypertension, grade 2 diabetes, increase the risk of developing coronary heart disease, increase pressure on the joints and even affect the child's psychological state.

Causes of childhood obesity

The causes of childhood obesity are a whole lot. The most important of them is the incompatibility of the energy produced (the calories that are obtained from food) and the wasted (calories that are burned as a result of basic metabolism and physical activity) by the body. Children suffer from childhood obesity because of hereditary, physiological and dietary reasons. By the way, heredity here plays a huge role.

Treatment of childhood obesity

Fight the problem of overweight in a childYou must start as early as possible. This is due to the fact that the physical and nutritional behavior of children is much more easily adjusted than in adults. In medicine, there are 3 forms of combating child overweight:

  • Do not put the child on a strict diet, because in addition to harm to the growing body this will bring little;
  • It is necessary to concentrate physical activity not only on the child, but also on the whole family;
  • Obesity is worth fighting purposefully, given the reasons for its appearance.

Tips for parents in the fight against obesity

  • Reduce the number of convenience foods in your diet and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables;
  • Replace sweet carbonated drinks with low-fat milk, juices and give your child more water;
  • Minimize the amount of foods that have a high fat and sugar content;
  • As little as possible, give the child fried food, cook it as possible or steamed;
  • Give food in small portions;
  • Monitor that the child always has breakfast and does not overeat at lunch;
  • Prohibit your child from eating at a table;
  • Food for obesity should be a reward or a reward;
  • Love your child for playing ball, jumping rope, roller skating or cycling;
  • Try to limit the sedentary lifestyle of the baby;
  • More often organize hikes, write the child on a voyage;
  • Involve the child in the occupation;
  • Give your child an example of a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to the implementation of these tips, you will provide the baby with an excellent physical shape.

Physical activity

Among other things, to fight excess weightA child is necessary with the help of training. This perfectly burns calories, increases energy consumption and maintains the received form. According to the testimony of childhood obesity, training, combined with dietary education, give an excellent result. Such training should be done 3 times a week.

Nutrition and diet

Starvation and restriction of admission to the bodyCalories can cause stress and affect the growth of the child, as well as its perception of "normal" nutrition. To reduce child excess weight, you must use a balanced diet with a moderate restriction of calories.

Prevention of obesity in children

Depends on parenting. Mom should breastfeed and know when he is already fed. It is not necessary to hurry with the introduction of solid food into the diet. Parents should monitor proper nutrition and limit the child's use of fast food.

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