/ How to play with a child 10 months?

How to play with a child 10 months?

How to play with a child 10 months

Not all the time and not always the kid spendsTime with toys. Children like to play with their parents, crawl, race with a dad or mom ball. But soon these games are very boring to the kid and he gets bored. A child wants a variety in entertainment and in new games. And only dad and mom can entertain their baby.

It's quite easy to come up with new games for the child. In the game you can take different permitted items at home, these can be items of clothing, kitchen utensils, jars, boxes. At this age the child knows well what books, magazines, newspapers are. He constantly wants to break them and of course chew. He does not like it when he is constantly being scolded for this, but usually what is forbidden, to that child and pulls.

Arrange for your child entertainment in exterminationOld magazines, unnecessary newspapers. Before the game, show the kid such publications, which are not allowed to tear and tell what can and can not be. Spread before him what you can tear, let the child crumble the newspaper and throw, do the same with him. When another time he wants to break something, give him unnecessary papers for this. With this lesson you will learn how to ask permission from adults what can and can not be done. Better let your baby do it in front of you than do in a quiet corner.

Play the hidden things in the game.

Give him a new interesting game, the way the baby isHold it in his hands, and then hide his toy behind his back, behind the cupboard, behind the armchair, under the blanket, under the pillow. The child will look with interest this subject. Such tricks can be done with the included mobile phone, radio, ticking clock. This item should be hidden so that the child does not see where it was hidden, so that only by the sounds he could find the object. This is a good development of the child's hearing aid. This will improve the ability of the baby to listen.

Talking through the phone

Twist the tube from the cardboard and talk while tryingChange the voice. You will be surprised how the child will listen to you carefully, then you can fool around and say the sounds of ma-ma or ba-ba in the tube. Now give the baby a pipe. He will want to repeat these sounds.

Baby cubes

Make one yellow cardboard cube and 10 red, put a bell in the yellow cube. Observe whether your baby will be able to distinguish a cube in color and find a cube with a bell.

Time for music

Take an empty box from the cereals and turn it into a drum. And instead of a wand, give the child a wooden spoon and show how you can beat the drum.

Skating cars

Show your child how to push a truck or a small car so that they are traveling on the floor. After some time, the baby will learn to push the machine so that it rolls for a long time.

If the kid likes to get things out of the closet andScatter around the apartment, play a game of spreading, and then picking up things. First, prepare a laundry basket, a basin or some kind of box. Place things in the container and let the kid pull them out. When all things are on the floor, show how they can be thrown back. The child will fold things, and then pull them back. In the future, when your things fly to the floor, ask the child to put them back in the closet. If you play this game, the child will understand that the scattered things should be put in place.

Hidden photo

When dad is at work, play "hide and seek" withFather's photo. Hide the picture and let the kid look for it with you: "Where's Dad? Maybe he's in the toy box? Maybe under the dining table? "And when the child finds his father's photo, greet the find" Dad was found. "Soon the child will rejoice with you.

In conclusion, we add that you can play with the child for 10 months in different simple games, the main thing that he was understandable and interesting.

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