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Dangerous to the child's health toys

What you need to know about the harmfulness of toys

In children's toys, the concentration of harmful properties inSome producers exceed the norms several times, which are allowed by the sanitary services. More than once I have heard that in certain toys in unacceptable norms are harmful substances. This formaldehyde, mercury, phenol, lead, etc. For all this, these toys are designed, in most cases, for small children. The manufacturers of various rattles know in advance that their goods do not meet the standards of the standard and often write that they are not intended for children who are under three years old. But who needs those rattles then? Parents do not think about what is written and buy them to their children.

Toys that pose a danger to the health of the child

Conducted in our country laboratoryStudies of the composition (chemical) showed that about 15% of the samples of the product do not meet the standards. When bona fide manufacturers give their goods for examination, they are tested by specialists and the list of indicators is very extensive. For example, the rattle should not exceed 100 grams. She must have a very strong case, so you can not break her baby. After all, inside the rattle are placed small parts, which, when the shell is broken, can get into the child's mouth. Also, toys are checked for sharp edges. To do this, use a special device, which fixes the film, which replaces the delicate skin of the baby. When a toy leaves a mark on a given film, it can not be sold. In addition, a protective and decorative coating is applied to the stability of sweat and saliva. There are special weight norms for toys. These norms are necessary in order not to injure the bone tissue of the baby.

At the examination, the content in toys is checked,Dangerous for the baby, chemical elements. Experts check the sound that makes a toy, as there are certain standards. This is because a sharp or strong sound can affect the hearing of your beloved child. Also toys are checked for size, which should be larger than the standard of the special cylinder.

But, unfortunately, more and more goods are being sold in the market, which are not tested for any quality standards. Quite a lot of toys that pose a danger to the health of the child.

What to look for when choosing toys

Particular attention should be paid to toys fromPVC-plastisol (plastic, rubber). In them, hazardous chemical compounds can be contained in large quantities. The risk group includes children under seven years old. Older children already have stronger immunity.

Only a few are given the opportunityBuy toys from clean environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, we have to compromise, choose toys are not very cheap and not very expensive. It is necessary when choosing to smell, feel the toy you like. A good toy does not have a sharp smell of rubber or plastic; when rubbing, it should not have any changes. Choose a product better than natural colors.

Also parents should not only chooseA toy, but also to take care of them properly. Fur and soft toys collect a lot of dust and dirt, so they can live microorganisms and mites. These children's toys should be periodically washed at high temperature. Rubber and plastic toys in hot water are often not necessary to wash. But be aware that if the toy begins to emit a pungent odor, then immediately get rid of it - this indicates that it releases chemicals.

Parents should learn how to buy toys,Which do not harm your child's health, because there is such a threat as: relapse of allergies, poisoning with toxic substances, trauma, small parts getting into the respiratory tract, etc.

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