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How to ease teething

On the other hand, when sucking blood in a largerDegree begins to flow to the swollen areas of the gums and makes them even more sensitive. This explains the fact that some children give up their breasts or bottles during teething. Therefore, it is important for parents to know how to facilitate teething in a child.

How to facilitate teething

Before using dental and anesthetic gels, you can resort to improvised means. For example, it is recommended to give the child something cold to suck. The following can also help:

  • Temporarily relieve the pain and distract the baby by chopping the gums with a cold spoon or finger.
  • Use a teaser. It is recommended to use silicone rings without fillers, since rings with liquid fillers can not be sterilized. Moreover, they can leak.
  • Ease teething can be cracker, bread stick, a piece of dried bread. You can give your baby frozen or fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Some babies soothe and distract the dummy.

Watch the baby carefully when he chewsSolid pieces of vegetables or bread. Do not give raw carrots, when the child already has the first tooth: he can bite off a large piece and choke. In any case, do not tie a teaser, no pacifiers, or anything else to the neck of the baby, this can lead to accidental strangulation.

Try to give the child a cold water inA bottle or in an alfalfa. In the event that the lure is already introduced into the baby's food, you can give a cold apple puree or cold natural yogurt without additives. Do not be surprised if over time the baby begins to abandon all of the above methods. In this case, you have to take it in your arms and calm it tightly to yourself. In this situation, this is the best thing to do.

Homeopathic remedies and gels for teething

Usually gels for teething are made onThe basis of substances that are capable of local anesthesia and are antiseptics. They prevent infection and ease the pain. A small amount of gel is applied to the gums in areas of inflammation with a cotton swab or a clean finger. The gel can take off pain for twenty minutes. However, it can not be used more than six times a day.

It is not recommended to use such gelsImmediately before the beginning of breastfeeding, as the child's tongue loses sensitivity for a while from the gel. It will be difficult for the baby to suck. Moreover, the areola nipple also loses sensitivity from the gel, which further complicates the feeding of the baby.

Some mothers use homeopathicFunds, buying them in pharmacies. However, remember that some of the dentifrice contains lactose and other sugars (their name always ends with the suffix "-"). Remember that sugars are the main cause of tooth decay and can destroy the baby's teeth. Carefully read the instructions and try to use such medications as rarely as possible.


Reception of paracetamol is possible only with permissionPediatrician, especially if the child's age is less than three months. Use only children's paracetamol. It is better to apply it only in situations where no other means help, and the child feels bad. Apply infantile paracetamol in the dosage recommended by the manufacturer to the appropriate age of the baby.

Before taking the medicine, moms need toMake sure that the child's poor health is associated with nothing else than teething. Note that pains from ear infections, often due to inexperience, are mistaken for the signs of teething. If the child has a fever, and can not calm him down, you should consult a doctor.

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