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Games with children in nature

Hide and Seek
They are one of the most loved games in the world. The essence of this game is one: a leading player is chosen who, with his eyes closed, counts to a certain number and starts looking for everyone who hid. If the guide has found someone, he reaches the "house" and touches it. "Home" can be a tree, a wall and so on.

This game has a lot of different names -Caresses. The participants of the game run around the field and the task of the guide must be touched with their hands, which means "tarnish," "piss off". Whom they "besieged", he becomes a leading player. The rules of the game can be complicated, it is allowed to jump on one leg, it is allowed to run, only to hold the ear and so on.

This is a good moving game, now a fewHalf-forgotten. The driving player is in a bent position, and the other players must jump over it. Then the complexity increases, in the course of the game, the lead is gradually straightened, who can not jump over becomes the driving one.

The knockout
Choose 2 leading, they stand on opposite sidesSite. In the center of the site are "rabbits". The task of leading to knock out the ball more "hares" from the field. You can make various changes to the game. Certain feeds can be announced by different names. For example, "life" is when you need to catch the ball, and if all the "hares" shout "bomb", then the participants must sit down. That "hare", which lasted the most, becomes the winner.

This is a team game, it involves 2 teams up to6 people. The level of difficulty depends on the age of the children. For example, the obstacle course can be taken in turn and the team that quickly passes the baton is declared the winner. You can complicate the task, for example, to transfer an object, without the help of hands, to jump in a bag, to fill a small mug with a large capacity, then the game will become more interesting.

Third wheel
This game is suitable for an odd numberPlayers. In this game, children become in a circle in pairs, there are two leading - escaping and catching up, which run around the circle. A runaway player must take the lead in front of any pair. Then the participant of the pair, who becomes the third superfluous, becomes in the place where the escaping player was standing. The catching player remains the same. If a catching player catches an evader, then they change roles.

"The sea is worried again"
The driver turns his back and the other playersRunning around the court, portraying the "sea" The driving player says: "The sea is worried once, the sea is worried 2, the sea is worried 3, the sea figure is frozen." And then the players must freeze and take the pose of any sea animal. You can not stir and laugh. Incoming approaches the selected player and touches it, and this selected player depicts the one he shows. And the guide must guess what a sea figure the player has depicted.

In nature with children you can play in various exciting outdoor games. And if a little change the rules of the famous game and show imagination, you can get a new and even more interesting game.

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