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How to massage a baby

How to do massage a baby, can only tell the doctor.


There are contraindications to the massage for childrenEarly age. These include: rickets during an exacerbation, acute inflammatory skin diseases, various forms of diathesis, acute infectious diseases, femoral, inguinal, umbilical hernia, congenital heart disease. If there are no contraindications, then you can do massage from 3 weeks of age.

How to massage a baby?

It is necessary to gradually increase the timeMassage, up to 2 months, massage should not be more than 4 minutes. The main activities - stroking, shaking, kneading and percussion techniques. Massage movements should be performed with fingers, with short cut nails, hands should be warm. Movements should resemble easy tapping on the table. From 4 months, massage time should be increased to 6 minutes, and by the year increased to 10 minutes.

The basic rules of carrying out of children's massage

The room should be warm plus 22 plus 24Degrees, the rays of light. The surface on which the baby lies must not be too hard and not too soft. This can be a sofa or table, which is covered with a diaper or blanket. When the baby is doing massage, the child with his legs should be located to the masseur. The movements of the masseur must be gentle, and fingers without rings. Massage for young children should be done without powders and lubricants. After the massage, put the baby in dry clean clothes. Especially carefully, you need to massage the areas of the spine, liver, kidneys. You can not massage in the genital area. The main thing: massage is performed before feeding or an hour and a half after feeding.

Start any massage with a light and simpleStroking and gradually turning into rubbing the muscles, but alternating with stroking. When the whole body of the child relaxes, you can add grinding and kneading. All movements must go to the center, that is, along the course of the vessels. The main movement of the massage is stroking the legs, it rises from the foot, past the knee cap, to the thigh. Foot feet should be carried out by rubbing and stroking from the heel to the toes. It is useful to stroke your hands. Massage the abdomen gently and very gently, do not touch the genitals. Massage the back from the buttocks to the neck, without affecting the spine.

To make a baby a massage, you need the help and advice of a doctor who will tell you how to massage your baby correctly.

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