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What to give a one-year-old baby

What to give a one-year-old baby?

Gift should be interested in the child, it canBe a bright toy, if a one-year-old kid does not understand the purpose of the toy, he will find it at his discretion. Things must be given in case you know what he needs, for example, the mother of the birthday person "ordered" this thing.

Grandparents, godmother can give"On the teeth" a silver spoon. After all, the child starts to learn a cup and a spoon from the year on and tries to handle the table objects independently. On a birthday, this is a wonderful gift.

You can donate a small toil to a tolokar, thisChildren's machine, on it the kid will be alone, pushing from the floor with his feet, rolling around the room. Bright, hanging swings, given to the child, will lead the child into rapture. He will receive a lot of pleasure and joy, swaying on them.

A child up to a year was a destroyer, but after a yearHe tries with the help of his mother to put one toy on another, build something. Give him a designer with bright large details, the child will gladly start to "build" and for a while will be busy with a very important matter. You need to buy toys that are made without sharp corners, without small parts and be made of natural materials. After all, children all taste.

One-year-old children play well with Russian dolls, theyBright and that the most interesting for them, they are closed and opened, they can be opened and closed 10 times. You can buy a self-propelled and clockwork toy. Such toys, as a rule, are equipped with sound and light effects, they will cause delight at the birthday man. A good gift is a set of soft cubes. With the help of his baby, he will be able to develop fine motor skills and will be able to train logical and spatial thinking. A gift for a long time will entrain a child, and he will build towers for a long time.

On sale there are small houses-tents for children, childrenThey will hide in it, play, carry toys to and from the house. Since childhood, it is necessary to teach the child to order, after the game you need to put toys in the house together with the child. Then the kid will understand that his toys should be in the house and he will put things in order. The bicycle will bring great joy to the child, if the child has never rode on it. This gift can be "ordered" for grandfather and grandmother, for the birthday of his grandson, they are unlikely to be able to refuse a pet in such a gift. On a walk this bicycle will simply not be replaced, if the child is still very small and he quickly gets tired, then his parents will take him. There are children's bicycles with a handle, for which parents lead it like a baby carriage.

Congratulating the child on his birthday should be given withSoul and with love, but what a gift - decide for yourself. After all, it's not the gift itself, but the child delivered to the joy. Congratulating the child on his birthday, you need to congratulate your mother. After all, thanks to my mother, this "miracle" appeared.

On sale a large selection of toys, there are plenty to choose, choosing a gift for a one-year-old baby. The main thing is that the toy is safe and quality.

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