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The influence of the computer on child development

The main danger is that the childPreschool and primary school age should develop in games and dynamics. The children's organism concentrates on the development of systems and organs. After 14 years of age, the child begins to develop spirituality.

Therefore, if the child spends in front of the computerA lot of time, there is almost no time for active games, as a result, we get reorientation of physiological processes, and although the intellect starts to form earlier, physical fitness is lost. For example, a preschooler demonstrates a high level of intelligence, but the child's physical development is at an extremely low level. Premature aging has its consequences: adolescents have problems with blood vessels, cancer, cancer, atherosclerosis, and other dangerous diseases for life.

Often one can observe such a picture: A three-year-old child sits at the computer and deftly manages with it, and parents feel pride and joy. But they do not think that such skills are only superficial, and therefore they can not help the child in the future. This ability of the child can be attributed, most likely, to the fact that it is easier for parents using a computer to take a child than to give them their time, devising mobile exercises and games. Thus, to educate preschoolers only with the help of a computer is not worth it, otherwise you will have to reap serious physical and moral consequences.

It is also worth noting that the development of children'sIntellect does not at all mean that he will succeed in life. Since the intellectual level does not in any way affect the development of the emotional-volitional component of the personality and does not at all mean that the child is able to withstand the difficulties and problems of the world around him. Therefore, try to evenly distribute the load, while remember that you do not need to concentrate only on the development of actual knowledge and intelligence.

How to correctly allocate time for using the computer

The first thing to remember: Free access to the computer the child can receive only when he is interested in the world around him and he has formed value guidelines. Such period in the child comes about in 9-10 years.

The second thing to remember. The child should not spend all his free time at the computer. A day is enough for two hours, moreover with interruptions. In addition, you must teach the child to control the time spent in front of the computer monitor, if the child learns to do this, you will avoid unpleasant "battles" associated with access to the computer. It is very important that the child in this matter is conscious. Do not allow the child to have a computer addiction.

Note to parents

Take computer use under strictControl and then your children will develop mentally and physically healthy. The negative influence of the computer can be practically reduced to zero, but only under the following conditions:

  • Limit the child the time spent at the computer.
  • Keep track of what games the child plays, what movies they watch, what sites they visit on the Internet.
  • Install on the computer programs that will be useful in the development of the child and teach him the right and useful.
  • On the computer monitor there should be no glare (watch this), periodically spend with the child gymnastics of the eyes.
  • Often occupy the child with ordinary games that develop mindfulness and sensory.
  • Talk to your child more often, this will teach him how to communicate.
  • Do not leave a small child unattended at the computer.
  • Explain to the child what you can watch, what you can not, what you can play, and what games you should avoid.
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