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Than to take one-year-old kid

For the one-year-old the best and most usefulThe game will be watching, so pay attention to any little things the child, while clearly say what is happening around him. You can, for example, observe the child after flying a bird, observe how it is raining or snowing. Illustrative examples of effective benefits for the development of young children.

Toys suitable for age

A year-old child is most interested inVarious gurneys, which you can roll, pushing in front of you or pulling on a string. The wheelchair can be bought in the form of a typewriter, wheels, little animals, or can be built from an ordinary shoebox. At this age are also interesting toys that can be inserted one into another, that is, by the type of nesting doll. Instead of toys, you can give the child kitchen utensils of different sizes, for example, pots, plates, cups.

Children at this age like to open andTo close various capacities. This is not only interesting, but also develops the child's fine motor skills. Following from this, as toys, the child can be given empty jars of creams, shampoos (previously thoroughly washed).

One-year-old children like buildingSomething, while the buildings should not be low. For construction, you can buy wooden or plastic blocks. By the way, the cubes can be replaced with ordinary jars from the groats. The child is interested in how to build a structure, and destroy them. The parent is encouraged to take an active part, rather than stay away.

Role games are also characteristic for this age. It is interesting for a child to feel like an adult when he puts a doll or another toy to sleep. You can also arrange the "food" on plates, drive the car into the garage. For this, it is not necessary to buy expensive, fashion accessories.

Children aged 1-2 years like to ascribeInanimate objects of property, moreover, those with which they do not possess. Cubes spread out on a plate, for example, can replace food, a conventional box can be an alternative to a garage.

Touch Games

Children aged 1-2 years important toys that areHave a different texture. To do this, you can play with the child in this way: put toys in different textures in the box, then offer the child to find a toy that you need to touch.

Allow your child to play withSand and water. During bathing or just when the child is playing in the basin with water, pay attention to the baby on objects that can stay afloat or vice versa, drown. Surely the floor will be flooded with water, and the clothes will be wet, but you do not get angry, because knowledge is in the first place, and accuracy is receding into the background.

To borrow a kid of this age is possible and drawing. For this purpose, pencils, paints, brushes, markers, sheets of paper, an album, a tile in the bathroom will do.

With children 1-2 years old you can play a game"It's cold and hot." Hide any item from the child and ask him to find it, while making the tips cool, warm, hot. Then ask the child to hide the object, and you are looking.

Communication is the best game for a one-year-old kid

For children 1-2 years the most important remainsPastime with parents. It is in this age period that children observe your behavior, actions and start imitating them. And if you let the child sweep the floor with a real broom, then he will feel important and useful. You can allow the child to dig in pans or ladles. While the child learns the world, certainly, something will break, but it is not necessary to curse him for it, because it can not only discourage all interest in knowing the world around him, but also negatively affect the child in school years.

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