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Elegant hairstyles for girls

Solemn hairstyle

As we already know, the whole secret of elegant hairstyles for girls is hidden in the simplicity of their fulfillment at home. The first of these hairstyles is perfect for a celebration.

You will need: invisible, hairpins, two thin elastic bands, indelible hair balm. If there is no balm, you can lightly moisten the strands with water.

Equipment: One above the other we make two tails and fix them with the help of thin rubber bands in the hair color. We take the upper tail and throw it over the lower one. Having made a noose, we lay the tail end over the elastic band and fix it with an invisible. We pass the end of the tail inside the loop. Inside the hairstyle we fix the tips of the tail invisible. After that, we settle the end in the form of a curl and fix it with invisibility.

We are engaged in the lower tail: Divide the lower tail into two parts and make a tourniquet out of the hair. Then from this bundle we make a bundle by wrapping it around the rubber band, fixing the resulting beam with the help of pins. End over the top of the tail. We fix the end and make a curl. Our hairstyle is ready!

Hairstyle for girls at the prom in kindergarten

This hairstyle for little girls without accessories does not have a complex weaving.

You will need: invisible, hairpins, curling hair curler, 1 hair curler, elastic.

Equipment: Near the forehead we separate the hair, twist the tourniquet, fix it with the help of the invisible. We make a tourniquet around the whole head and fix it with hairpins, we collect the remaining hair into the tail, which we divide in half. We fold the upper part of the tail with neat strands forward and fix it with invisible ones. The tail tip is moved using curlers or curling irons.

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Festive hairstyle for the girl on the motive "Alice in Wonderland"

Girls always love fabulous hairstyles, so a great hairstyle with twisted hair will certainly suit your little one.

You will need: Crabs of medium size, short invisibles and hairpins (4-5 pieces of those and those), decorations in the form of small flowers. You can also decorate your hair with small white crabs (3-4 pieces), in this case you will need fewer hairpins and invisible ones.

Equipment: Do a hairdo for a little wavy hair (for straight hair at night you can pre-braid pigtails on a little damp hair). In the morning, weaving the braids, we take a lock from the forehead and twist it up with a rope. Gradually move backwards, adding new strands to the tourniquet in the face, and then behind the ear. At the neck on both sides leave a little hair, then swing them, getting the falling curls. Having reached the area behind the eye on the other side, using a crab, fix the tourniquet. Repeat the tourniquet from the opposite side. We twist both flagella in one right up to the tip. Raise it up and fix the crab to the place where the tourniquet ends. The very place where both bundles are fastened, fixed with invisible objects and removed the crab. We lay down a tourniquet on the head and in several places we fix it by invisible ones. The end of the bundle is hidden inside and again we use invisibility. We attach the strands of the tourniquet, trying very carefully to pin them to the head. Dropped strands curl, getting smart curls. We decorate the hairdress with the help of flowers.

Hairstyle for a girl for the New Year

Hairstyles for the New Year, as never require diligence from my mother. Thanks to this hairdo, your little one will be charming in any carnival costume.

You will need: invisible, hairpins, dense elastic, curlers, lacquer with gloss.

Equipment: We divide our hair by parting, we make an oblique parting and begin to braid the braids on the head. The ends are fixed and collected with the remaining hair in the tail. A few strands of the tail are twisted into bundles. Curl all free hair. We collect curls into a bun and fix them with the help of pins and studs. On top of the hair we spray the varnish with gloss.

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