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Children's educational toys from 2 years

How does a child from 2 years of age to toys

Children of this age have a desire toInstallation of a certain order in its environment. The kid already needs to strictly observe all the ceremonies and is indignant if something is not in its place. Children are already trying to lay out toys in places, they have their own toy corner. It is at this time that parents should help the kid in determining the order - these are the first steps to accustom him to accuracy.

By 2 years of age it is desirable for the childCreate your own space. The kid should know how such space is organized. For each toy there must be a certain place and the kid should know that this is his space.

Developing toys, which it is desirable to buy for a child from two years old

Educational toys for children from 2 to 3 years old buy

A child from the age of 2 begins to play,Coming up with various stories using toys. Of course, parents should help organize this or that game, so that the kid begins to learn new things in this world. For a child at this age it is desirable to buy some toys that contribute to its development.

In his Toy Library should be several different dolls. These are rag dolls, a doll-naked with different clothes. On clothes it is desirable that there were some fasteners (Velcro, large buttons). It is also good to buy small dolls in various poses, for example, in a lying position, in a sitting position, etc. Furniture for dolls (bath, cot, locker, table, chair). A set of toy dishes (kettle, saucepan, cups, saucers). Toy hygiene items designed for dolls - soap, hairbrush, towel, brush. It is good to have food (toy, not small). Be sure to purchase for the baby sets of toy animals, with expressive looks and not too small. Cars, airplanes, trains, sets of toy "little men".

Parents with children can come up with games withVarious subjects (depends on the imagination). A child at the age of 2 already begins to strive for independence, he likes it when he gets something and he strives for it. In the process of playing the baby you can teach at this age a lot. For example, to dress or undress a doll, how and what it should be brought into proper form. For what a machine is needed and what can be transported on it, the child begins to memorize the names of products, to learn to hygiene. The little boy learns how to properly put on, when to go to bed, how to sit at the table and what to eat. Also, organizing this or that game, you can use different buildings from objects, while remembering the names of colors, developing certain skills in many areas.

In such occupations, the child plays a roleAdult, which is not unimportant for his upbringing. To better assimilate information, parents should ensure that there are not too many toys involved in this or that game, as this disorients the baby. Imitating the game, the kid with pleasure repeats what was done with toys. For example, he sits down to eat, learns to eat himself, washed himself, goes to bed,

It is necessary to know that figurative toys (animal figurines, dolls, soft toys) should be open to the child's actions. For example, a dog can be planted, a doll can be seated, etc.

Other necessary for the development of a baby from 2 years of toys

A child can have a favorite toy with whichThey sleep together, eat, walk. Such a toy can be a support for the development of the child, more precisely, his inner world. At 2 years old, children are prone to hysterics, whims, stubbornness. You can try to solve such problems with the help of a toy. A toy that acts on the part of an adult is perceived by the kid as an independent being. With the help of toys, you can establish communication with the child and explain what can not be done.

Also, educational toys for children - thisVarious building kits. It is good to buy designers with parts not less than 10 centimeters. These parts are easier to hold in your hand and connect with each other. Own construction develops in the child its importance as a creator.

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