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Baby things when you leave the hospital

Sellers of any children's store will offerSet of variants of children's things on an extract from a maternity home. Previously, all newborns were discharged in an envelope or a blanket with bandaged tape. Today, the choice depends only on material opportunities. In general, it is better to prepare children's clothes for discharge from the maternity hospital in advance: take the time to choose, wash and iron on both sides.

In place of maternity clothes in the first placeYou will need a pajamas - thin or flannel (depending on the season), two diapers, a diaper and a hat. Raspashonki and diapers can be replaced with cotton overalls.

Top clothes should be chosen depending onSeason. In the cold months of the year, when you leave the hospital, you will get an envelope made of fur, a sintepone overalls or a warm blanket. All these things will be useful for further walks with the child. If the mother and baby arrive by car, a newborn wrapped in a blanket or dressed in overalls will be "uncomfortable" in the car seat, since things will prevent him from fastening his seat belts. When discharging in the cold season, one should not forget about things such as a warm hat and warm socks.

If an extract from the maternity hospital is expected inWarm months, for a newborn, you can prepare a thin envelope or blanket. Instead of a warm hat you need a cap. During the journey home, a diaper might be useful, in case the newborn bows.

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