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How to teach a child to sleep in his room

How to teach a child to sleep in his room?

Not all children can easily part with the habit of sleeping in their parents' bed, these few tips will help.

It happens that a child is about six years old, but he does not wantSleep alone. And parents are to blame for that, they did not insist on their own, showed kindness and continue to let their daughter or son use the situation. It is necessary not to sharply, but persistently explain to your child that he is already big and has become independent. Transfer to a separate bedroom should be carried out gradually, not allowing stress, he should know that sometimes he will have such an opportunity to sleep with his parents. And this fact will relax and calm the child.

Act firmly and gently, praise forObedience and encourage it. To make the kid understand that he has planned every evening, the ritual does not change, that first there will be washing, then you need to put on your pajamas, say goodbye to toys, mother reads a fairy tale before bed, the child turns on the barrel, closes his eyes and falls asleep with the beloved bear.

To sleep it is necessary to lay down in strictly certain timeAnd if the baby is afraid to sleep alone, then you can leave the night light on for a while. Try to develop in the child a positive attitude to the place of habitation, to the crib, cover the bed linen with him so that he knows that he is the master of his bed and his room.

You need to sit next to you, pat your baby andHold his hand. It will be difficult for the first time, but if you clearly carry out and coordinate all the actions, then in 3 weeks the child will sleep alone. If at night your child has come to you, you need to sit with him for a while, take him to his crib, but do not leave with you.

It is necessary that family members support the desire of parents that the child sleep in his bed and know that he is loved and trusted.

If you can not "move" the child to hisRoom, you need to understand why a child refuses to sleep alone, maybe your love and care is not enough for him and he is trying to attract the attention of his parents in this way. You should analyze your behavior, draw the necessary conclusions, then you will be able to avoid disagreements in the family and the child's sleep in his bed will gradually be adjusted.

To your child quickly fell asleep and slept alone, you need to comply with several rules:

  • Before going to sleep, do not play games that are active enough.
  • The child should know that if you said that he will sleep in his room, then you should fulfill this promise.
  • Demonstrate perseverance and say that the child is already big and you need to behave according to the adult, which means that you need to sleep only in your room.
  • Promise that, for example, on Saturdays a childWill sleep with you. Perhaps during the day the baby does not have enough communication and physical contact with the parents, so he tries to compensate this defect in this way.
  • And in the house everyone is observing the strict regime and the rules of sleep. The house has a friendly calm atmosphere.

Take advantage of these tips and then your child will learn to sleep alone in his bed and in his room.

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