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How to spend an Easter holiday in a kindergarten: script, competitions, painting of eggs

Preparation for the holiday: we paint eggs

With the same start preparing for the holiday? Firstly, it is necessary to recall what exactly this holiday is associated with. The answer is simple - with easter eggs and dyed eggs. Therefore, on the eve of Easter, you need to bring home colored eggs. This can be both artificial and real krasanki and pysanka. Also, before Easter, children can be offered to bring boiled eggs from home and paint them themselves. The teacher in the kindergarten in the drawing classes can show the basic ways of painting the eggs for the holiday. However, if children are not interested in the standard options, do not force them to do everything according to the rules. After all, a holiday is always associated with the opportunity to do as you like. Therefore, let the children paint on eggs everything they want - favorite heroes, family, themselves. Do not forget to praise the kids for their paintings. And when the kindergarten will be a holiday, be sure to make an exhibition of these eggs. Let parents look at the creativity of their children.

Easter in the kindergarten

Easter holiday script

As for himselfThe celebration of Easter in the kindergarten, it is necessary to create a scenario that could explain the essence of this holiday to the children and not frighten them at the same time. Therefore, we should not focus too much on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is better to tell about his miraculous resurrection, emphasizing the fact that good people always get what they deserve. At the beginning of the Great Sunday in the kindergarten, the presenter should ask the children what they know about Jesus Christ. Let them tell everything they know. After this, the facilitator should briefly and interestingly present the history of events that occurred on Good Friday and the Great Sunday.

Easter celebration in kindergarten

After that, children withEaster poems and songs. On the Internet, there are many beautiful quatrains associated with this wonderful holiday. Let the children tell the story of the Easter holiday in verse. Also do not forget about the competitions. First of all, it should be exactly the Easter contests. For example, children are given colored eggs and say that they must beat the opponent's egg. The kid who has an egg left whole wins. Another simple and fun contest is to determine whose egg will roll further. This requires a slide, which can serve as a long and wide board, set under a slope. Two children shoot eggs on this hill. The one whose egg rolled off wins.

What can you tell the children about Easter?

After the competitions, the presenter may have a little moreTell about the traditions of the celebration of Easter. Of course, the kids in the kindergarten will not be particularly interested in various historical facts. However, in a simple and accessible form, you can tell about what kind of painting for eggs used, why each of them is called differently. You can also remember the folk traditions and rituals, that all the girls always rubbed their face with a painted holy egg to be the most beautiful.

Easter Festival in kindergarten

After that, you can hold another contest. This contest is taken from the tradition of celebrating Easter with Catholics. It is necessary to hide eggs all around the hall (these can be pysanka or chocolate kinder-surprises). The task of the children is to find as many hidden eggs as possible. The winner receives not only honestly collected testicles, but also an interesting prize, which will be invented by the presenter. It can be like a basket with sweets, and an interesting toy that will please every child.

At the end of the celebration, you can cover a sweet table and have a tea party.

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