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Holiday of summer in kindergarten

Celebration organization

How to organize such a holidayEducators? In fact, everything is not difficult at all. To begin with, you need to choose the decorations for the hall, which symbolize the summer. It, first of all, fresh flowers and plants, as well as a variety of seashells, images of the seas and rivers, drawings of the sun and much more. Before the holiday, you can announce in the kindergarten that everyone should draw the way he sees his vacations. Let the child is not limited to one drawing and depicts everything that he wishes. When the children finish drawing, these pictures can decorate the room in the kindergarten, where the summer holiday will be held. It is not necessary to select the best works, it's not an exhibition of artists in a kindergarten. Hang everything that the guys drew. Let their parents admire the pictures of their favorite kids.

Also, by the holiday of summer you can come up with costumes,In which children will perform. It does not have to be anything pretentious. Let the kids just dress in light, flying clothes of yellow, green and blue hues. These colors symbolize the summer: the sun, sand, sea, rivers, lakes, forests and bows.


If we talk specifically about the scenario, thenThe holiday of summer can be beaten all in the form of a small play. For example, it can begin with the fact that children sing a song about the arrival of summer. You can take all the famous and long-beloved Soviet children's song "That's what our summer is like".

After that, the Fairy of Summer may appear on the stage. It is she who should become the main character of the holiday and in fact its leader. Let Fairy Leta introduce herself and tell her that she comes every year at the end of spring to give all the children a cheerful warm happy day, wonderful rest and new friends. After presenting his person, Fairy suggests that children go to competitions. For example, you can play the game "Who will take a flower sooner." In general, when preparing games in kindergarten, remember that they should be simple enough so that children do not feel stupid and unskillful. So, what is the essence of the game? It is necessary to put four high chairs. Near each chair on both sides is the child, it turns out that the game can take part in eight people. For each chair, you must put a flower. After that, slow, pleasant music begins to play, under which the children diverge in different directions. After that a cheerful melody is turned on, so that the kids dance and distract themselves. And when she suddenly stops, you need to quickly run up to the chair and grab the flower. Win those who have the flowers in their hands.

After this contest, the children tell a fewVerses about different colors. After that, they sing a song about summer or dance a dance. This can be a dance of colors of any style (ballroom, variety). And then the Fairy of Summer announces that since summer is a magical time, it means that she is like a Fairy of this time of the year, will please everyone with tricks. Here are some tricks that you can include in the scenario of such a holiday in the garden.

The Fairy has eight different bright cards. She unfolds them with a fan and tells the children that everyone should think of a postcard that he likes best. The fairy promises that he will definitely guess his card. Then she selects one postcard, hides postcards, and then shows seven. The child who thought of a postcard will be amazed, since the really conceived will not be there. In fact, you need to replace cards with other families. And the last trick the Fairy should show is a trick with gifts. In the hall, we must first hang out rhombuses or bowls. Which under the sweep of the magic wand will unfold and from there will sprinkle delicious gifts for children.

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