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Runny nose in a child under one year old

Because of what there is a runny nose in a baby for about a year

Runny nose in a child is one of the symptomsVarious viral infections (ARVI) of the respiratory tract, chronic and acute diseases of the immune system, respiratory organs. When there is a runny nose, the child develops the following: nasal discharge, nasal congestion, sneezing. Newborns usually have a chronic and acute cold. The cause of an acute cold is in most cases an infection, and a chronic runny nose can occur for many reasons.

What complications can a child have a cold?

A child may have a cold up to one year of ageVarious complications. Because of this ailment, a baby may have a weight loss, which occurs quite often. This is due to the fact that during feeding, because of the stuffy nose, the baby is not comfortable sucking the breast and he does not get enough nutrition. In the body of the baby, the metabolism is quite intense, even with a brief malfunction in feeding, the baby loses weight, while the body weakens.

Also, a complication of a cold in a baby canThere are different inflammatory diseases. This is otitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. In more severe cases, by inhalation of sputum, infected with bacteria, the child may develop pneumonia, which is very dangerous for the child. Also, with a prolonged runny nose, a complication such as the appearance of the upper lip, the skin in the nose, the nasal mucosa may occur.

How to treat a cold in a small child

When there is a prolonged coldBe sure to call the pediatrician. Especially if there are other complications. Calling a doctor is necessary if, in addition to a cold in the baby, fever has risen, this can lead to an acute and dangerous infection. If a baby has had shortness of breath or a sore throat - the risk of pneumonia and tonsillitis. The child can be weakened if, due to a strong cold, he refuses food. It is also necessary to seek help if this ailment lasts more than 10 days. If there is a cold in the child after contact with a known allergen. In the case of blood flowing from the nose, it can be damaged in the nose by the vessels. You also need to call a doctor if there are headaches in the rhinitis, pain in the face area, this development of sinusitis can occur. If there is a purulent discharge from the nose, urgent treatment is necessary. This is a sign of a bacterial infection. After examining your baby, the doctor will prescribe a treatment that is special for each case.

With a simple cold to your child, you canHelp yourself, but first consult with a doctor is necessary. There are general recommendations for the common cold in children. It is necessary to maintain moisture in the nose of the child to prevent drying out. The temperature of the air in the house should not be above 22 degrees, so that the mucus does not dry up. Also, the humidity must be high. To do this, you can use an air humidifier, if not, place more water tanks in the house. It is also good to make moist air in the bathroom and go there with the baby more often, after a certain period of time. Soplets in this case are diluted and flow. After this, the baby's nose should be rinsed with water, adding a drop of lemon oil.

It's good to nurse a child with a cold. You can use a boiled egg, sacks with heated salt or sand. It is good to warm your nose with a reflex special lamp. The baby draws in the warm air with his nose during the warm-up process, warming it from the inside.

The child with a cold may appearIrritation near the nose, in the form of redness. When the baby's nose wipes, it gives him pain. Such an irritated place should be lubricated with a baby cream or a special ointment, which the doctor will advise you. If you have a crust on the nose, you can use oils: olive, peach, etc. Very good in this case, "carotolin" helps, with its use, crusts fall away.

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