/ Mother's Day in kindergarten

Mother's Day Holiday in kindergarten

So, on Mother's Day you need to invite toA kindergarten for all mothers and grandmothers. After all, grandmothers often play in the upbringing of children no less important than mothers, and besides, these women are also mothers, so they need to pay tribute.

Preparation for the evening

To participate in the celebration of Mother's Day is bestTo involve absolutely all children. Thus, no one will feel deprived, and all mothers and grandmothers will be able to rejoice over their talented child. Of course, in the garden, not all children are equally talented and intelligent. So try to distribute the roles so that each of them can show what he really is. The holiday should pass well and cheerfully, therefore it is necessary to start rehearsals long before the celebration, so that the children have time to remember their poems and were not shy of the scene. The celebration in the kindergarten should take place in the usual for the kids room, where they will not stagger and feel uncomfortable. Of course, there are always children in the garden who can not be frightened of anything, but one must also remember the shy little ones.

Holiday Scenario

The festive evening is best to start with the wordsGreetings for moms and grandmothers. These words are spoken by the educator, who is the host of the evening. He tells that on that day all gathered in the kindergarten to tell moms and grandmothers what they are good, affectionate, beloved and the best in the world. That is why the children prepared various numbers, songs, poems, competitions and much more for their most beloved mothers and grannies. Of course, kids are not professional actors, but when we try for those we love, we always have real talent.

After the introductory words of the presenter, severalChildren can tell a verse about my mother. It is best to break it into quatrains, giving each child a verse. So kids will be easier to remember and all children can take part in the evening. After the verse, let's hear a beautiful song about my mother. In every culture there are many songs about the best person in the world, so you just need to choose the one that is most easily remembered by the children so that they do not get lost and do not worry about it.

After the lyrics and songs, the host offers a littleHave fun and participate in the contest. The meaning of the contest is that mothers and grandmothers end proverbs and sayings. Of course, all of them should be thematic and in one way or another concerns moms, their love and affection.

After this contest, you can go back toDances and songs. If the teacher knows how to compose well, he can offer children to perform ditties about mothers. By the way, they are also quite possible to find on the Internet. But since the educator communicates with mothers and children and can learn something interesting about each mother, the verse of the chastushki dedicated to the child of her own mother will please every woman.

After the ditties again go to the competitions. Now you can check how much moms know how to create something interesting and original with their own hands. Invite them to create an outfit for their beloved little son or daughters from bows, scarves or scarves. The mother will win, whose outfit turns out to be the most original and beautiful.

In addition, it is possible to offer competitions in whichMoms and grandmothers will swaddle dolls, feed their beloved children blindfolded, look for mistakes in famous poems and fairy tales, and much more. Between the competitions let the children please their songs and dances. And at the end of the evening, you must arrange a sweet table.

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