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Where to relax with your child on a day off

Much depends on the organization of the weekend,How much adults take into account the characteristics of the child's age and his interests. You need to take the regime of the child's day, especially it is important for children under three years of life. In this regard, it is necessary to plan all activities taking into account its daily routine. If there is a walk in children's kindergarten after breakfast for two hours, then on the day off the child must take a walk at the same time. Visit the park, walk along the familiar streets, stop at the playground, so that the child can play with the sand, with his peers, organize for them some simple moving game. Do not take your child with you if you go to the market or to the shops. He will receive from such a walk only fatigue and, possibly, infection.

Often parents lead their children to the zoo, to the parkAttractions or in a recreation area. In such a trip it is important to calculate the time and not overestimate the baby's potential, as visiting such places quickly tires him. Follow the rule: the entertainment associated with staying in a child unfamiliar with the situation must be carried out on the first day off. The second day is designed to calm the baby and so that he can enter the normal rhythm of life before visiting the kindergarten.

It is better to conduct an event in the morning, so that overexcitement disappears. Together with the road, this pastime should not exceed 3 hours.

It is not recommended to drive children under three years of ageOn performances, Christmas trees, matinees, in the circus and theater. Representations in them are designed for older children. A small child probably will not understand anything, it will get tired and may even be frightened. Kids can perceive new experiences and information only for 20 minutes and only with the help of mother's explanations. Representations in the circus, theater, on the Christmas tree can last 2-3 hours, which is beyond the strength of the baby.

When you first visit the zoo, show your childBirds and animals, familiar to him from pictures, cartoons and fairy tales. Adults should dose the child's information load. Stop the tour if it becomes mobile and inattentive, or, conversely, moody and sluggish, which indicates overwork.

In the afternoon, take quiet classes. Read the kid's children's book, visit familiar places, playgrounds or a park. It's good to walk with the whole family.

Do not insist that the kid play with othersChildren or communicate with adults. It is not recommended to invite guests or go to visit yourself, watch TV. Instead, tell him at night a quiet tale.

An interesting and fascinating place where you can notOnly to have a rest with the child, but also to spend time with advantage, there can be a visiting of any museum. For pre-schoolers, natural history museums are attractive. However, the child can not see everything in the museum. Do not often go from one showcase to another, it's tiring for the child. It is better and more useful to choose for his attention one thing, carefully examine the exhibits and learn more about them. Choose showcases according to your child's interests, for example, dedicated to ancient weapons, suits, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc.

The children show great interest in archaeological finds: boats, hollowed out in the trunk of a tree, stone and leather axes, as well as ornaments.

A day full of events is very tiring forThe kid. Often parents mistakenly think that a tired child easily falls asleep. But in reality the excited child is overexcited, very nervous, often capricious, crying for no reason and can not fall asleep for a long time. Parents should be aware of this peculiarity of the psyche of young children, organize a quiet home for the child, do not overload his information and impressions.

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