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Cartoons for children under 1 year old

The absence of the twenty-fifth frame

Why such animated filmsSuitable for very young children? Some believe that the attention of the child is attracted by the twenty-fifth frame. In fact, in such cartoons it is not, and can not be, because everyone knows that such a reception is prohibited. Any cartoon from this category can be checked on a modern player and found a twenty-fifth frame, to sue the company. That's why those who produce cartoons for kids do not even risk doing so.

Classical music

Many people ask why these cartoonsRecommend children up to a year. The fact is that in such cartoons the sound sequence and video frames are wonderfully combined. In this cartoon, children hear pleasant music, under which various children's toys, beautiful drops and balls appear on the screen. This video series pleases a small child. And still need to pay attention to the fact that the cartoon does not sound ordinary music, but the classic. Such cartoons are suitable for babies, who already showed interest in the world around them and they want to see the most.

In the animal world

Among this series of cartoons, one can single outCategory of cartoons associated with animals. In such an animated film, the child can see photographs, drawings and video sequences with animals, as well as scenes played with the help of cute toys, which are put on the hands of puppeteers. Thanks to such cartoons, the child can already at this age learn words, names, and not only in their native language, but also in foreign.

For future artists

Thanks to such films, children receiveAll-round development, since different types of cartoons describe different areas of life and culture. For example, among these cartoons there are those that are dedicated to the fine arts and artists. Even at such a small age, the child can get acquainted with these works of art and see how the drawing process is going on. Thanks to viewing such frames, children have a desire to create something, and even at the age of seven or eight months they begin to paint with interest with finger paints.

Comprehensive development of the baby

Also, cartoons of this series teach the childBasic words and show the objects that are in everyone's environment. Children watch movies about what's in the house and what it's called. In each series, the child is given a small amount of information, so he can remember it quite easily and simply. Naturally, in each series there are various fairy-tale characters that delight and amuse the child.

With the help of such game and cognitive programs,Children will learn how different parts of the body are called, which are shown on toys and living characters. In general, if we talk about the whole series as a whole, then, in fact, it can develop the child in all directions. Gradually, you can start to include the kids cartoons about the village, about vegetables, fruits and animals, from which you get certain products, transport, figures, numbers. The older the child becomes, the more interesting and informative it will become to learn from such cartoons.

That is why in no case can not be consideredSuch cartoons are harmful. But it is worth noting that they can not be shown to children all the time. At such a young age, you do not need to sit them in front of the screen for more than twenty, a maximum of thirty minutes. If so, then the cartoons will develop the baby and not harm his vision.

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