/ Influence of music on newborns

Influence of music on newborns

Newborns really like the classicMusic: Vivaldi's music calms, the works of Brahms and Bach - toned and excite. Newborns really like Mozart and Chopin. Scientists recently made a discovery about the influence of Mozart's music - it helps to activate brain activity.

In addition to classical works, forNewborns can include special music for babies (on the Internet there are whole collections of such music), as well as nature sounds (creek, ocean, foliage, birdsong). Given the impact of music on newborns, you can stimulate their activity or on the contrary - soothe, including that energetic and fast, then quiet and slow music. And still it is necessary to note one method of musical upbringing of the baby, handed over to us still by our grandmothers - it is a question of lullabies. The newborn listens to the tunes of the mother or father, absorbs the parental love and at the same time comprehensively develops.

Influence on the newborn enchanting sounds of musicPromotes the development of sense organs, sense of rhythm, cognitive abilities (memory, attention, expression, creative thinking), helps to learn to perform rhythmic movements, to imitate, to simulate the urge and movement, helps to acquire new motor skills, improve motor skills and coordination of movements.

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