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Sakharose in baby food

Sakharose in baby food

For the health of the child and for its fullDevelopment requires vitamins and trace elements. They perform an important function in the vital functions of the organism and in a certain amount they are all necessary. This also applies to sugar, which enters the child's body with food. If you ask a question to modern parents: "How much sugar can be given to a child?", Then we will hear in reply: "Very little." And it will be correct.

Why do I need sugar?

Sugar is a synonym for the concept of sucrose, it mattersFor the human body. In the digestive tract, sucrose is quickly broken down into glucose and fructose, then enters the bloodstream. Sucrose improves the human condition in poisoning, ensures the proper functioning of the liver, more than 50% of the body's energy expenditure. Excess sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, allergies, caries and can lead to a violation of human behavior. There is a claim that a child of up to seven years is enough of the amount of sucrose that is found in vegetables and fruits. The main thing in sufficient quantity is to give vegetables and fruits. It is advisable not to add sugar to berry fruit drinks, juices, purees from fruit and vegetables. Exceptions can be fruits with a sour taste.

How much sugar do you need to eat a child a day?

For the child of the first year, the need forCarbohydrates - this is 14 g per 1 kg of body weight. For example, in one liter of breast milk, the lactating mother contains 74.5 g of sugar. This amount of sugar in breast milk will be enough for the baby. Children from 1 year to 18 months need 60 grams of sugar a day. After one and a half years per day, you can increase the amount of sugar to 80 grams.

Parents should remember that in breast milkMother enough sugar. Unlike adults, infants do not have taste buds and until the child can taste a sweetened product, he will not understand the taste of food. Therefore, the choice for parents is to introduce sugar into the child's diet or wait until the baby himself comes to this.

Try the usual sweets replaced with candied fruits,Berries, fruits, or cook their own recipes for children. Dishes that are prepared according to quick recipes, sweeten at the end of cooking. Know that the key to the health of the child is love and parental attention.

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