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Psychology of mother's relationship with her son

Especially if mom raises a child alone. Therefore, the mother must be psychologically harmonious, be able not only to praise, but also punish the child, but always find a happy middle ground. After all, it is very important for my son that from the very childhood my mother understood that he was a future man. Therefore, in the relationship with the son, many methods that are suitable for the upbringing of the daughter can not be used. For example, too anxious and active moms interfere with normal psychological development, then punishing, then spoiling the child, and for the same actions. As a result, such children get "mama's sons", who all their lives hold on to their mother and demand to encourage their whims. But the mothers of the owner, authoritarian women in general, suppress all their qualities in children, trying to raise their son the way they want, while not paying attention to his talents and desires. In such situations, moms always want the best for children, but it turns out the opposite. In order to establish the right and harmonious relations with the son from the infant age it is necessary to learn the basic rules that will help not to suppress the masculine in it, but to grow up a real man, and not a effeminate gibberish.

Male ideal

If the boy does not have a dad, with him as much as possibleTime should be spent by the grandfather, the uncle or the close friend of a family of a male. The kid must see before him the ideal to which he can equal. Unfortunately, even in complete families, boys often do not have enough male education, since the father is always at work, and the child is with a grandmother or mother. The constant guardianship of women suppresses the masculine principle in him. This can not be allowed. Therefore, if possible, let the son spend more time with his grandfather or father. The main thing is that the relative really was the person who can and should be equaled.

If the child does not have the opportunity to communicateWith older men, let him spend more time with the boys of his age. Also it is useful for boys to read books and watch films where the main characters are real men. Just do not offer his son a variety of melodramas with idealized princes. With his son is better to watch adventure films, where men are deft, strong, in general, real defenders. But the film, where much violence is better not to show. After all, at a young age the boy can easily confuse the images of the hero and villain.

Do not keep the child "by the skirt"

When the child grows up, Mom needs to learnLet go of the son from himself. The psychology of the teenager is designed in such a way that he perceives the excessive love of the mother as a burden. If the mother loves the boy too much, it is difficult for him to contact the girls and be friends with them, since she herself without noticing that the mother is constantly climbing into his personal life. Therefore, if as a child you took on all the worries and were for him, and the father and mother, you need to gradually show the child that the mother is a woman and he is a young man, so he should help his mother and respect her, well, Mom, In turn, will provide the son with the opportunity to be independent and responsible for their actions. Even if you see that the son is mistaken, you do not need to constantly correct it, unless of course the situation is not critical. He is a man, and a man must be able to correct his mistakes and not be afraid of blows of fate. Therefore, no matter how much you do not like your son, try not to go too far, not to become a part of his relationship with other people and not to force him to choose between mother and girlfriend or mom and friends. Remember that the guys that mothers have always cared for grow up infantile and intimidated, unable to build normal relationships and join the society.

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