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Rhythmic gymnastics for girls

Benefit from artistic gymnastics

During rhythmic gymnastics classesGirls get the right physical load for the body. This load contributes to the formation of motor skills and skills, form a beautiful posture, dexterity, flexibility in the child. In addition, a beautiful figure is formed during regular classes in this sport, which is important for a girl. In addition, exercises that are constantly used in rhythmic gymnastics, contribute to an easy and graceful gait. During the exercises, the girl's muscles are strengthened, the massage of the internal organs is performed, which in the future will facilitate the passage of labor.

According to doctors, artisticGymnastics for a young and developing organism are very useful. Exercises in the gym make up special demands on the body. At a higher functional level, girls, engaged in this sport, are respiratory, cardiovascular, vegetative systems. This is very cool, because in our time vegeto-vascular dystonia is one of the main problems of schoolchildren. In addition to all of the above, the baby's capacity for work increases, immunity becomes stronger, the body's resistance to unfavorable conditions increases.

Other "pluses" for girls from rhythmic gymnastics

An important role is played by the musicalSupport that is used in the exercise. It promotes the development of girls' hearing and sense of rhythm. Because of the music in the child, the coordination of movement improves, it allows the girl to dance beautifully. In this kind of gymnastics, self-confidence, emancipation, purposefulness are brought up. In the classroom, it takes a lot of patience and effort to stage a particular performance. Education of the will in the future is very useful for the child. Also, rhythmic gymnastics shapes girls' notions of beauty. Spending a lot of time studying, girls acquire such a skill as the ability to present themselves. This is the inclination of the head, a smile, a posture, with every movement everything looks charming. After all, to create a family is an important factor. All the skills that a child acquires in childhood are preserved for life.

At what age do girls start practicing rhythmic gymnastics?

Ideal for starting classesRhythmic gymnastics - it's 5-7 years, but some babies already from 4 years master the exercises as well as others. Everything depends on the child's physical and psychological development. There are in our time health and sports groups in gymnastics of this kind. They are distinguished by the main tasks and degree of workload. For health groups, the main task is to form a beautiful body, strengthen health, strengthen the muscles of various areas. In the sports group, everything is done the same, but additional tasks are added (for each age special).

If you are afraid to give your daughter toArtistic gymnastics because of its magnificent forms, this is not an obstacle, since the body of the baby, being formed, with the help of exercises, will change its form and gain an elegant figure with time.

But before you give your daughter to the gym,You must weigh everything. For example, if the child himself wants this, maybe the girl has completely different priorities. Will she be able to cope with training sessions that take place at least three times a week, and in the future, trips to competitions, and study at the same time. If you can, and there are no contraindications for artistic gymnastics, if there is a desire, then this is an excellent choice for your girl. After all, this sport will not only make your daughter a "beautiful deer," but if there are prospects, it will open the way to a great and most wonderful sport.

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