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The role of nutrition in kindergarten

The role of nutrition in kindergarten

The children's menu is determined by the norms of children's nutrition. It is at first glance boring and monotonous, but in fact, it is tested, developed and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. As a rule, the menu of the kindergarten is made up for a week, the child receives all the necessary microelements, vitamins, calories from the food. Daily food is thought out to the smallest detail, during the day, the same products are not repeated. Once a day, such products as sour-milk products, eggs, meat, pasta, cereals, vegetables can be present in the kindergarten menu, but the fish are given once a week.

Children in kindergartens of Russia eat four times- breakfast and lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. The products have quality certificates and pass strict testing, and cooking meets the requirements of sanitary norms. Usually, a nurse follows this.

A child in kindergarten spends the whole day inThe right menu is played by parents. It will not be superfluous to monitor the nutrition of your baby in kindergarten and adjust the food at home a little, so that you can fill in some gaps. It is necessary that every day the menu was diverse, avoid the repetition of products on the same day. If there was a fish dinner in the garden, then you can make cutlets at home, if you gave an omelet in the kindergarten, then this product should be excluded at home. This will help to avoid both a lack and an overabundance of certain substances.

And in conclusion, advice to parents who giveChild in kindergarten. In addition to such moments as how to accustom a child to a pot, to teach him to dress, to eat with a spoon, to wash, it is necessary to teach the child to eat such standard dishes that children eat in kindergarten. And you need to try to get fritters, soup, jelly and casserole to become familiar and familiar dishes for your child. For the full and successful nutrition of the child, one must observe the food regime in the kindergarten.

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