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The effect of massage on the baby's body

The effect of massage on children's body

With the help of massage purposefully you can changeCondition (functional) of the body. Nowadays, there are five main types of effects of this procedure on the baby's body. These are massages that have a calming, energotropic, normalizing, trophic and toning effect on the body.

Soothing effect on the child's body of massageIs to inhibit the functioning of the central nervous system. This inhibition is caused by a moderate, rather rhythmic and prolonged action on sensitive nerve endings. This kind of massage for quick achievement of the desired effect is done by special massage techniques. This is a rhythmic grinding and stroking all parts of the baby's body. A soothing massage for a long time at a slow pace.

Massage designed for energotropicInfluence, promotes the work of the functions of the neuromuscular apparatus. This type of massage has the following effect on the body: improves muscle metabolism, activates the bioenergetic muscles, increases the production of histamine, which expands the blood vessels of muscles. Increases the formation of acetylcholine, which facilitates the transfer to the muscle fibers nervous excitement. And it also raises the temperature of the tissues that are susceptible to massage, which leads to faster muscle contraction and activation of enzymatic processes.

Under the influence of massage, the normalizing functionThe organism is expressed in the restoration of dynamics in the brain of nervous processes. This massage is especially important for children who have a sharp predominance of inhibition or excitation in the nervous system. At the site of the motor analyzer, a focus of excitation appears in the massage process, which helps to suppress the focus of pathological, stagnant excitation in the brain. Normalizing massage activity plays an important role in the treatment of injuries, due to the fact that it contributes to a faster elimination of atrophy and tissue repair. To normalize the activities of various organs, segmental massage of specific reflexogenic zones is used.

Other effects of massage on children's body

With the acceleration of lymph and blood flow associatedThe trophic effect of this procedure on the child's body. With this type of massage, tissue cells are more abundantly enriched with oxygen and other nutrients. This massage is indispensable in restoring the functions of muscle activity.

Toning effect of massage on the bodyIs expressed in the activation of excitation functions in the central nervous system. This is due to an increase in the ingress of nerve impulses into the cerebral cortex from the proprioceptors of muscles that are susceptible to massage. And also the tonic effect of massage on the body is explained by the increased activity of the reticular formation of the brain. A tonic effect is used to eliminate negative phenomena in hypodynamia, which in turn is caused by various pathologies (mental disorders, trauma, etc.) or a sedentary (forced) way of life. Effective tonic effect during massage are the following methods: shaking, deep vigorous kneading, shaking and percussion techniques. This procedure should not be done for a long time at a fast pace, in order to maximize the effect.

During the massage, the baby's body shouldBe in a horizontal position, if the limbs are massaged, they should be kept in a semi-bent state. In general, there are many nuances in the rules of physical impact on the child's organism, so to trust your child is safer than a professional. Massage - is not only beneficial effects for the child's body, but also a very pleasant procedure.

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