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The child is afraid to treat the teeth

You should begin with the first visit to the doctor. You should turn this visit into an interesting acquaintance. It is advisable if this visit is preventive, i.e., not associated with toothache. In addition, the doctor will be able to professionally assess the condition of teeth, bite, gums and development of the jaw as a whole. Thus, parents will also be calm, as they will be convinced that the development of teeth in a child is normal. If there are no worries, the first time a dentist should visit is when the child turns two.

Attendance can be transferred to a loved oneA teddy bear or a doll that wants to get acquainted with a doctor who treats teeth. A good dentist, most likely, will play along and allow the baby to get used, get used to the dental chair and white doctor's gown.

If he is a professional, then he will take into account the psychologyChild, and therefore spend enough time to communicate with the child until the child's alertness disappears, then the child without fear will open his mouth and show the teeth to the dentist.

It will be good if the child throughout the wholeDevelopment is observed by the same doctor. He will not only instill hygiene skills for the child, he will timely treat the teeth, but also make friends with the child. Now the children's dentists have a lot of interesting things: there are also chairs in the form of machines, glasses that show cartoons, mouthwashes with taste of fruits and much more.

Certainly, it is much easier to go to such a doctor,If you suddenly have a toothache. Then it is possible to explain to the child that everyone who has toothaches gets to a good doctor. And it's better not to deceive the child, but honestly tell what the dentist will do.

If parents do not overdo it with persuasion, thenThe child will not have any suspicions that something terrible will be waiting for him in the doctor's office. Do not transfer the fear of parents to children, because now the dentistry has changed and everything can be done without pain.

It is only necessary to take care to go toA dental clinic where all procedures are conducted on new medical equipment and apply modern methods of anesthesia, which means that the child will not feel discomfort from anesthetic injection and from the treatment itself.

If a special gel is applied to the caries tooth,Then it will soften the damaged tissue, after that the formed cavity is cleaned, and then put the seal. Metal burs are now being replaced by a mixture of air with a special powder and lasers.

It is worth telling the child that all the sensations afterVisit to the dentist will pass, as everything passes after the peeled knee. If the parents behave confidently and calmly, then the child will not have fear, which prevents later "make friends" with dentists.

And this is necessary, since children needVisit the dentist every six months, and in such a critical period, when there is a change of milk teeth, you should visit the doctor at all every 3-4 months. And such frequent visits are not a whim. Children's tooth enamel is not as dense as in adults, the more kids eat a lot of sweet tooth and usually do not brush their teeth very well, which are ideal conditions for the appearance of caries.

A nurse can teach a child how to cleanTeeth correctly, treat teeth with silver or fluoride varnish, seal grooves on the masticatory surface where caries usually appear. All these procedures are absolutely painless, the child quickly gets used to them, and the effect from them persists for several years.

That's why you need to introduce the child toDental stories about terrible injections and doctors, it is better to try to create a positive image of a doctor who is cute, kind, considerate and will always come to the rescue.

When the children grow up, they will understand the benefit of visiting the dentist, they will visit the clinic themselves, so that their teeth remain healthy and beautiful.

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