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How to use the sling correctly

There are different types of slings, but the most popular are slings with rings and slings-scarves. It is on the type of sling and the age of the child that the method of wearing the baby depends.

Sling with rings

Such a sling is easy to master. For example, for the "cradle" position, the sling should be put on the shoulder, straightened and tightened on the shoulders, which will allow the sling himself to become in the right position. On the shoulder opposite the side with the rings, we take the child and put it so that the legs look towards the rings, and the head - from them. Then pull the sling.

For the position on the abdomen with a "pole", place the lower edge of the sling in the child under the knees, and the excess folds - closer to the pope. Pull the sling by the tail so that the baby assumes the position of the frog.

The position "on the hip" demands from my motherPreliminary training without sling. Other variations in the basis have the same techniques listed below. So, the legs of the child should be located symmetrically, the knees just above the priests, and the lower edge of the sling under the knees.

And the last - wear the baby on different sides of the body. This will not allow spoiling his posture and will not hamper the proper development of the muscular frame of the child.

Sling Scarf

This kind of sling at first glance seems complicatedIn the application. However, you will need very little time to learn how to use such a sling correctly. The first position that should be mastered is the "cross over the pocket". For its execution, a sling with a length of 4.5-5.5 m is required. The knitted sling is the best. Spread the sling and attach it to the stomach. Both ends cross the cross cross over your shoulders. In the waist area, it should form a kind of pocket. Further into the received pocket we thrust the ends of the sling and cross. The child is placed in the cross, which was formed under the pocket. To do this, the lower handle of the baby is arranged in the direction of my mother's armpits, and I myself press my tummy to myself. The head of the child, who has not yet learned how to hold it alone, is held with the help of the inner cross of the cross. Next, the ends of the sling should be tied behind your back.

The tying of a sling also requires certain rules. So for greater safety of the baby, tie a sling is better for a double knot.

Mastering a Sling

Before you first dress a sling, you need toRead the enclosed instruction. For greater confidence and visibility, you can watch video lessons. The first acquaintance of the baby and mom with a sling should be done when the child is in a good mood.

The situation is better to choose one that is moreLike your crumb. Children up to 3 months are more suitable positions "column" and "lullaby", for older children - you can choose any other position.

If you are wearing a sling for the first time, then it's betterDoing sitting. So you will not worry that the baby can fall, it will give you the opportunity to more easily and quickly learn this useful device. If you have a toy of the required size, you can pre-work on it.

While wearing a sling, the child should be kept onHands. Then gradually tighten it, holding the baby. To help the child quickly get used to the sling, from the outside you can hold it for a while with his hands.

Very important moment when using slingIs the correct wearing of the child. First, he must be in a comfortable position, do not move out. Secondly, the head should also be placed in a comfortable position, and the cushion, which is in the sling, should be pressed on the shoulders. The main indicator that you use the sling correctly, is that when you use it, you and the baby are comfortable.

To more quickly adapt the child to a new thing and a new position, you can give him a breast. And in a couple of days the baby will easily get used to the sling.

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