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Rules for introducing complementary foods to children

Rules for introducing complementary foods to children

Four rules for complementary feeding

  • Lure is given from 5 months. The first course of complementary foods should be vegetable puree;
  • Before lactation they give lure, start with 2 tsp, the portion is gradually increased, and within a week the lactation is completely replaced by lactation;
  • Porridge is given 2 weeks after the baby is used to vegetable purée;
  • If the child is sick, then you should refrain from introducing the baby to complementary foods.

The lure should be entered if:

  • If the child's weight has increased 2 times since birth and he weighs less than six kilograms;
  • When a child after feeding a mixture in the volume of more than one liter or while breastfeeding remains hungry;
  • The child holds, turns his head and sits with support;
  • In the period of illness, in hot weather, during the implementation of preventive vaccinations, it is impossible to introduce a new product;
  • Rapid chair or insufficient weight gain, suggest that you need to introduce the first main lure of porridge;
  • Prone to constipation, overweight? We give vegetable puree;
  • When introducing complementary foods or breast milk, this is the main food of the child;
  • Accustom the child to feeding from a spoon. The first lure has a homogenized consistency or a viscous mixture and gradually the lure will be more dense;
  • It is necessary to introduce a new product with ½ tsp. And gradually over a week, increase the amount of complementary foods to a daily volume;
  • Start lure with the same foods and give them in the morning. Thus, it is possible to track whether the child carries this product or not;
  • You need to enter a new product from one type andGradually move to a mixture of two products or from several products. Try one-component cereal, then from 2 cereals, and by 6 months to introduce multi-cereal porridge;
  • Expand the diet not more than 1 new species per week. If the child has changed the stool, the skin reddened, it is necessary to exclude the product from the diet for 2 months;
  • Should maintain a "food" diary, it should be noted the introduction of new complementary foods and assess the condition of the child;
  • Modern pediatricians advise giving babies food of industrial production, which due to their formula provide a taste and nutritious balanced value at any time of the year.

Feeding children should be given, relying on the rules andAdvice on introducing complementary foods to children. You have to be patient. Sometimes, in order for a child to take a new type of food, up to 10 attempts will be required until the child takes this new lure.

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