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Cold Allergy to Children

Causes that may cause allergies in children

Recently, the number ofAllergies among children. Allergies can cause many different allergens: dust, pollen, fluff, animal hair, insect bites, washing powders, food and so on. And also the allergy can appear on a cold or the sun.

Until now, the nature of allergies to exploredifficult. Especially mysterious is the origin of the cold allergy, since such an allergen is absent. Specialists assume that under the influence of cold, proteins of tissues are joined together, forming an alien structure. Perhaps this structure is an analogue of antibodies, which leads to allergic reactions. Cold allergy accompanies food allergy. The cause of cold allergies may be other factors: dysbacteriosis, infectious, parasitic and catarrhal diseases, decreased immunity, etc.

To make a diagnosis, a simple test is carried out,Which can be done at home. At the wrist of the child lie pieces of ice. Within 15 minutes, if there is an itch and a rash, then the result is positive. So, you need to visit a doctor allergist.

What are the symptoms of cold allergy?

Cold conjunctivitis. In the cold, eyes blush, they are badly itchy and watery. Going into heat, all the symptoms disappear.

Cold urticaria. Can show up in cold water and cold air. The baby's skin becomes blisters on the open parts of the body. The body itches and turns red. It affects the urticaria of the hand and foot, the surface of the hips (inner), the face.

Coryza. Cold air provokes pseudoallergic rhinitis. Lips in the cold swell and blush. Migraine, which is caused by cold, is accompanied by nausea. There is a severe headache and leads to neuralgia of the triadic nerve.

Cold rash. It can appear dark red circles in the areas: the neck, face and hands, the auricles, on the skin under the knees. In these areas there may appear whitish rash, which in the heat disappears and appears in the cold. The baby has difficulty breathing, spasms appear in the larynx. Often, the allergy is masked for a cold with all its symptoms (stuffy nose, wheezing when breathing, dry cough), and everything is accompanied by redness of the cheeks.

How to treat allergy to cold

Like any allergy, cold is difficult to treat. For the removal of symptoms, there are different antihistamines. It is also known that the disease itself can not be remedied. In the fight against allergies, a reliable and effective way to prevent an unpleasant sore will help hardening from an early age by all rules. If your child still has an allergy to the cold, do not forget about simple rules, how to alleviate the child's condition, eliminate her symptoms.

Before leaving the house, use a protective cream,Apply a thin layer on the exposed parts of the body. Sponge the baby with a lipstick. Just keep in mind that not every cream is suitable for a child with allergies. It's better to give up walking in bad weather. In good weather, wear your baby in warm clothes. Be sure to hide the open areas of the body.

Consult with your doctor if you can take antihistamines, vitamins A, C, E, PP, which help improve blood flow.

In combination with medications, doctorsAppoint funds of traditional medicine. However, you should know that folk remedies are not the main panacea for allergies, and even more so if your child is prone to allergies of various types. In order not to harm, examine your child. You do not even hope that the allergy to cold with age will pass by itself. According to statistics over time, the allergy is only exacerbated, with the disease most often affected by girls and women.

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